Foodie Friday – Cry for Pie


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Day 24


Why are their 5 Fridays this month? This business of getting up, baking food every Friday is getting to be a bit of work. I’m ready for this month to end. Especially since I woke up today with a stiff muscle in my neck and a teething 17 month old who needs extra love and attention. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying that baking these 2 pies is all we got done this morning.


On the bright side, positing Foodie Fridays is making me plan ahead. Today I made pies for my guests coming over Sunday evening. (Yes, Sarah and Julie reading this… you’re getting pie for dessert Whoop, Whoop!)
Also, I finally gave my handed-down-for-3-generations pie crust recipe a try!

My 21-year-old self is doing cartwheels and screaming, “Yay! You made a pie crust!”
While my 31-year-old self is matter of factly saying, “Ok, first pie crust made. Check.”

So, yes, pie crust (and pie) is a big deal. To me.




Growing up, mom only made pies at Thanksgiving. They were about 4 regular pecan pies. And, they were for our family reunion. We had pie once a year. By way of desserts, we lived on cookies and bars and you can’t forget the Turkey Hill ice cream (here its Blue Bell – so. NOT. the. same)

Other people freak out when I tell them my pie story. And then they list dozens if not hundreds of pies they had growing up.

Well, I got my Martha Stewart Living Magazine in the mail for November. The front cover looked like this:


So, I purposed to myself that I am going to make a pie this fall.


Today, I made Maple Pecan Pie from my dear Martha Mag. After I made ‘my’ crust. (Not her’s which gets refrigerated for 2hrs before you can use it. I don’t have time for that.)

Click HERE for recipe!


Oh my stars! Yummy X 100!



And with the other crust (I had enough dough for two) I made an Apple Pie with my canned pie filling.

Day 24 apple





The first guinea pig to try the pie said he really liked the crust part! Yay! Taste is all that matters when it come to pie crusts, right? Not how they looks? #atleastyoudontseethecrust

But the pie? Now that looks too good to pass up!


So we are filling up on pie this weekend!
Come on over y’all!
Happy Fall!

Maple Pecan Pie

Day 24




  • 1 stick unsalted butter
  • 1 1/2 cups packed dark-brown sugar (I used light brown, what I had)
  • 1 cup maple syrup, preferably grade A
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1 cup whole milk (or what you have is fine) 
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups toasted pecan halves (yes, toast them!)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In a saucepan melt butter over med heat
  3. Add brown sugar, syrup and flour. Stir constantly until mixture is smooth and thoroughly combined – about a min.
  4. Allow to cool about 5 min.
  5. Meanwhile whisk together milk, eggs, vanilla and salt in a bowl.
  6. Slowly add the mixtures together, whisking until smooth.
  7. Pour filling into prepared pie shell.
  8. Arrange toasted pecans on evenly on top.
  9. Bake about 1 – 1 1/4 hour until pie is puffed and set along the edges and still wobbly in the middle.
  10. Let cool before serving!




We All Have A Right to Speak but Have You Earned The Right?

This is a 31 day series on Intentional Friendship with the exception of WIWWednesday and Foodie Fridays. To not miss a post you can find my directory here. Others that have joined the Nester as I have are all listed here for your reading fix.

Day 23 of Intentional Friendship

Day 23

This Intentional Friendship post today frightens me a bit. It’s about knowing when to speak. Knowing when it’s safe to say hard things to a friend. I have a feeling this message is for some of you, as it is for me as well. Sometimes I just gotta exercise my freedom of speech a little too much. You too?

Please, read carefully as I tread softly on easily misinterpreted words….

It’s not about having a right to speak but earning the right to speak

I’m scared to talk about it because I’ve made mistakes and voiced my opinion one to many times. It was just that. My opinionated opinion. So, I haven’t arrived in this idea of earning a right to speak.

Also, I had experiences in the past where I did speak and my words were quickly guarded out; quickly defended. Where I exercised my right to speak. I have sat through a difficult conversation before where I felt stupid for even saying what I said because the other did not hear but defended and explained themselves. Had I earned the right to speak? Did I say it wrong? To accusing or harsh? Where they just not ready to hear?

What is earning the right to speak?

Is earning the right to speak like giving your opinion? However soft or strong?
Is it exercising my right to speak?
Is it like speaking into their lives about something they are doing that is questionable according to the Bible?
Is it suggesting they consider a different way? Different choice?
Is it speaking to them about what everybody else in the neighborhood is saying behind their backs about them?

How do you know when you’ve earned the right to speak?
Is there a certain point in your relationship where you just know?
Have they ever taken things off of you in the past?
If you voice your opinion often, will what you have to say this time have weight?
Are they open to change and correction?
Does it take evaluating the relationship to know if it’s safe to speak?
How upsetting will your words be?
Can you tell if they are ready to hear?

Yes, will they even hear my words? Based on how we already communicate, will they hear my words and where I’m coming from or will they bounce off? Will they take it openly or laugh it off? From their view, they might not see it the way you do. They might not understand where you’re coming from. So will they hear?

In another experience of mine, I wasn’t prepared for her to inform me of her side of the story. How they see it. If you’ve earned the right to speak, be open to hearing them out. Be open to seeing their point of view. Recognize the good you already see in them. Because to them, it’s already thought out, planned out, makes the most sense to them and whatever other reasons they have. What they say might be good. Will you be open to listen.

Be open to hearing from others for others to hear from you.

Hearing something hard is personally very upsetting. But to hear a positive about me or be reminded of something good related to the subject that I am already doing well would made hearing the hard stuff a bit more receivable.

Is my message for me to tell?

Sometimes we burn with something to tell a friend. I suggest praying about talking with them. Listen to the Holy Spirit direct you in your future conversations. Wait for an opportune moment to open up – don’t force it. Trust God to use you if He must. Trust God that he’s got your friend in the palm of His hand too. God sees them and cares for them more than you do.
Yes, He cares more than you do.
Sometimes it takes letting go of our desire for change and trusting God with speaking to them.

(And, maybe if you’re burning and emotionally involved, now is not the best time to speak. Stepping back, giving some space and seeking God’s heart on the matter might do you some good. God is still at work, still in control even if you’re giving yourself rest from the issue.)

Lastly, how would you like to be approached? What makes you more susceptible to hearing well?

I invite any questions or comments. This post doesn’t feel complete but that is the feeling I’ve been having lately as I try to quickly get a post out a day. Especially a post as meaty and touchy at this one.

Have you even spoken to someone? Been spoken to? How did it go? What did you learn from either of those experiences?

Guess What Today Is?

Day 22

It’s ‘What I Wore Wednesday‘ time.

I really wanted to feature a chic outfit from Sunday but I didn’t stay in it long enough for the picture to happen.

Todays WIW was intentionally deemed to NOT be something pink since the last two WIWers were.
I didn’t realize that my ‘go-to’ color appears to be pink or maybe it just so happens that my current comfy pieces I own are pink.
Whatever the reason,  I purposed to make that next WIW something DIFFERENT.
I wanted to wear fall colors, red, orange or brown but it didn’t happen. Come back in a week to see what I come up with next.

Today we have purple and aqua.




The purple shrug I’ve had since who knows how long.

Ruffle tank is from Target.

The skirt is from Goodwill – H&M

It’s amazing what neat combinations you can come up with when you go on a clothing fast. I’m not doing it for a certain length of time.
I’m just doing it.
For now.

For me I realized that I actually don’t ‘NEED’ anything new clothes since August and what I have in my closet is actually nice. So I decided to cease the spending on clothes and just see how long I can go until I absolutely, without question, no doubt about it, can’t go out in public another day, must get something to wear!
If you have any questions feel free to ask! If you’d like to join me please do! I’d love to hear how long you ever went or want to go or are going without spending money on (personal) clothes!
Leave me a comment!


{What I ate Wednesday}


And, I just for the record Dairy Queen has thee best soft serve ice cream.


Because of What She Said

Day 21! (10 more days to go!!!)

You know when you hear a phrase and it sticks in your mind all day? It lingers, not always welcomed, like smoke from a candle puffed out.

“I want what God wants.”

She said this.
She who her husband has been diagnosed with acute leukemia 4 long weeks ago.
She who sleeps in his hospital room to be close to him.
She who remains mostly by his side.
She who loves and cares like crazy for her very sick lover.

“I want what God wants.”

How can she say this, I panic.
Again it creeps around my dense brain. I don’t understand how she can admit to this. Wanting what God wants? What if God doesn’t want what she wants?

day 21

That was over 6 months ago. Today, she and her husband are still on a journey to better health. Her husband is recovering from leukemia. The journey was hard. Still is hard at times. Just recently she shared difficulties with fresh tears. Each time she shares, the unseen vapor permeates – she wants what God wants. She doesn’t need to say it.

Intentional friends say real truths. Voicing their hearts with all vulnerability they risk openness. Intentional friends dig deep with each other. Granted her journey was/is raw and stressful. A spouse’s life on the line is never easy. But, what rich friendship established for sharing vulnerable, gut truths. What real emotional telling. What tender whisperings. Whether deliberate or not, her words etched a stirring in my soul that sent me searching to know my God more.

“Do I want what God wants?”

I’m not sure her words were intentional but they were intentionally used by God. Her soul bearing equalled my soul-searching. Don’t friends challenge each other? Spur each other on to good places? Her words, her life, were an esteemed example to me. Her hearts desire, vulnerable and surrendered, spoke volumes. God used her.

I wanted her desire.

To look me in the eye and breathe her desire assured me I was a trusted soul.  Intentional friends are safe places for each other. Her words were uttered on a trustworthy heart. Hearts that know with certainty, “This is a safe place.”


Intentional friends are that for each other. Safe. Welcomed without judgment. Honest and secure.
Intentional friends offer safe and trusted space to be real. 


>> Are you a safe place? Can others be real with you?
>> Do you have a safe friend that you can be real with?



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The Night I Left My Cell Phone Behind

Day 20

Day 20


“Wait! I forgot my phone!” I said as we headed out the back door.

Who can’t relate to the freak out moment of forgetting your cell phone? We gotta have them. Always by our side. Always checking them. For me, ever since they have become more than just a phone I act like I can’t be very far from it. I don’t think I have phone anxiety. 

We were on our way to a birthday party. The fall evening was perfect for an outdoor party. Ideal for walking.

Spontaneously, I decided to just leave my phone buried in our house. “I can live without it for a short while,” I announced. I knew I wasn’t expecting any important phone calls. I locked the door and pulled it shut behind me.  The rest of the evening out, I didn’t think one minute further about my phone – except once or twice when I didn’t know the time or when I saw somebody else staring at their brightly lit screen. (And I may or may not have coveted for a brief second or two.)

Later when we got home, I was reunited with my cell phone. Disappointed, I looked at my screen. Only a couple of boring push notifications laced my screen. Nothing real heart warming. Bummer!

And, then I thought, “See, it’s ok to leave your phone for an entire evening. You don’t miss anything great anyway.”

My entire evening at the birthday party was soaked up with taking with people in REAL LIFE. Looking back it was such a fun night.

Jason and I have been on each other lately about putting our phones and iPads down to have family time. It’s frustrating to be eating a meal when one of us on mentally checking out on a screen or when we’re walking together and one of us is in their own little world with their phone. I could give many more examples… but, I think you get it. Each time we are nudged to free our hands it’s like getting pricked with a pin.

You know how it is when you’re at a party and just finished taking to someone and you have that moment of ‘now what?’ So instead of looking like a loser all alone you go on your phone and mindlessly start scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? Well, since I forgot my phone…. Guess what I did? I went and found somebody else to talk to! I was so cool! I left that party feeling like I had talked intentionally to so many people. And when it was time to leave, there were others I wished I could have talked to.

Our friends don’t want us to be physically present at a party. They want us to be mentally present.

Our families don’t want us to be physically sitting in the chair next to us. They want us to look and listen and be a part of them.

Recently I read somewhere that the proper etiquette for cell phones at a restaurant is to keep them out of sight and especially off the table. If you are expecting a phone call, keep your phone on vibrate and on your lap if you must so you don’t miss the call.

I think that should be etiquette for hanging out with friends. The most important person to be communicating with is the person right in front of you. I often feel like I’m boring or not important enough if I’m with someone and they are repeatedly glancing at their phones. I want others to think that Jolynn cares about me or likes me because I gave them my full attention.

Intentional friendship involves full attention. When our minds are engaged with the people closest to us. When we are a part of the people around us. Don’t be confused and think that this means you have to talk or say something intelligent or funny or anything at all. Eye contact. Listening. Following along. All that is intentional. The loudest or most chatty doesn’t equal the most intentional.

My husband remembers things better than me. Perhaps that is because he is the one that is part of a group listening. He takes it all in, swallows every moment, every word and can give a full accurate character sketch of each person there. That’s one of the things I love about him. He listens. For real.

Let’s be intentional with our girlfriends this week! Let’s leave our phones in our purses, out in the car or in the kitchen drawer when others come over. Let’s put them away when we eating together, hanging out in the living room or at least in our pocket on vibrate when taking a walk together.

Let’s be intentional by being fully present.



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A Prayer for Your Sunday

Day 19

Day 19


May you rise to meet the designer of your unfinished places, may you yield to his working in your life and rest in the unknown of where he is leading the beautiful creation of you.

The God of the victories is the same God of the valleys. Both don’t last forever. Both build so much history. History to look back on. That builds faith. Faith builds hope.

May the God of Hope wiggle into your every thought and crowd out your heart.

May you find restfilled contentment in the mess, joy in the midst of distress and a savior who cares if you let Him.


Will you let Him?