National Adoption Month

Celebrating all those that are adopted!

Imagine not having baby pictures.  Not having a baby book or your birth announcement saved and treasured by mom or grandma.  Not having actions like your aunt Elsie or having Dad’s big nose or mom’s long fingers.

Imagine being picked on or bullied because you don’t have parents.  Imagine being the needy child at church who people feel sorry for and smile sadly towards.  Imagine being one of the children on the Angle Tree Project at McDonald’s.

One of my best friends is adopted.  Her story is so amazing.  Yes, adopted children have issues to work through and they struggle with being loved, accepted and have attachment disorders to name a few.  That is proved and we learn that in school today.  My friend is going, has gone, through lots of storms.  Today she dances in the sunshine and sometimes in the rain.

Belonging is a very high need on our list of feeling security.  Once our physical needs are meet and our safety needs, we then have a deeper longings that strive to be meet.  Needs of love, of affection, of belongingness.  People like my friend crave love.  People like my friend long for affection.  People like my friend desire to belong to a family; a family they can call their own.

But wait a minute, you say.  I need all those things too!  I need love just like anybody else!  Who couldn’t use a little more affection?  And coming through Thanksgiving, isn’t family important to ALL of us?

So, what makes adopted children any different from the rest of us?


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