So it’s December,

It’s been somewhat of a blur down Hackberry Ave lately.  We only got married the beginning of Oct but I feel like I somewhat missed out on fall.  Suddenly Thanksgiving was here and gone.  Kinda felt surreal.  Now the countdown til Christmas has begun… and we are a part of it because everyone else is.

It is quite chilly here in Texas.
I found some sweaters yesterday while searching for thank-you cards in our ‘storage room’(all newly weds have one of these.  If you’d are married you know what I mean). Excited to have some ‘new’ clothes again. You know how clothes goes… it’s easy to get in a slump with always seeing the same clothes in your closet and feeling like you never have anything to wear. Now with my new find, I’m so excited to get dressed in the morning again. (cheesy smile)

I think my life is settling down. I haven’t cleaned at Jay’s work since we got married… it’s been 2 months. I told Irene today that I’m coming back to clean on Fridays now. I feel like my life has calmed down a bit to pick up that side job again…(and cash!)
That can only mean mostly one thing – Goodwill! I’m a sucker for letting the pennies slip at that bargin joint!

I’m kinda getting inspired.  I read all these blogs and look longingly at pictures of ladies that find these great deals and repaint or redecorate them to make them look fabulous.  So I got to thinking, I should repaint our stool.  It’s just an average wood stool.  We only have one.  It resides at our bar.  It looks lonely and boring.  It might be happier if I paint it.  Not sure the hubby would be as wild and excited as I am.  Well, if I tell him I’d like to paint it, I know what he’ll say.  He’d have to know details, then he’ll give his hardy yay or nay.  So I need to decide what color I’d like it’s new self to be before I present this smashing idea to the husband.

Not sure.  Was thinking about adding lettering like a ‘j’ or ‘f’ or maybe a word like ‘sit’ or ‘relax’.

Here’s the stool:  (doesn’t it look cold and lonely and sad… )

What do you think?  What color can you imagine this stool to be?  The kitchen is blue (as you can see) and yellow/orange-ish.  Any helpful ideas or suggestions?  Please feel free to leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “So it’s December,

  1. I think I’d paint the stool black. White letters would look nice on it, but I don’t know what would look best as far a what words or letter you use. It all comes down to what you like best. I’m enjoying seeing your house pictures. ~ Janelle


  2. So I told the husband last night over supper that I’d like to paint the stool and with out further adieu, he suggested I paint it white… So, humm, black, white, blue, yellow. I’ll be sure to post pics of the finished product!


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