after a day in town

Yesterday was my shopping in town day.  I’m still getting used to that phrase – ‘in town’ or ‘going to town’.  That’s life in a small town for ya.

After perusing Michael’s for a Christmas wreath, my crafty, frugal self decided to make one instead.  Yes, hand make a wreath – minus the actual wreath part.

So I purchased a grapevine wreath for $3.99 and all the spray items cost from $2.99 to $.49!  I was overjoyed when my mental calculation came up to somewhere less then $20 – and all the wreath’s in the store cost $25 or over! (I saw some for $49.99!)

Here’s all the goodies 🙂


I picked out the ribbon for $2.99.  It’s all Christmasy – pretty.



And I picked out a bell tree ornament.  I thought the ‘ding. ding’ sound would be appropriate and all Christmas like.




Ok, so after watching countless youTube video’s on ‘how to make a Christmas bow for your wreath’, I finally produced one that looked pretty enough for my satisfaction.  They make it look so easy and every lady is just a wee little bit different then the last one and sometimes they don’t zoom in to just where I need to see how to hold it, or twist it or half fold it or!! but… let’s just say it was a late night last night…  So, needless to say,



May I present to you the wreath of 2010!  Isn’t she pretty.



And just for the anyhow…  Welcome to the Friesen’s.  Pardon the glare on the wreath.  After all that, you’d think I’d post a nice picture of it.



Yup, our Christmas decorations for the first year of our wedded life consists of outdoor-decor.

(Oh, and FYI – the total wreath cost $16.91- bliss!)


Happy first wknd in December to everybody!  Hope your not too tired of Christmas music yet!


3 thoughts on “after a day in town

  1. Love your crafty and thrifty little ways. I have to say you did a great job. You keep popping out with new stuff. Keep it up! I wonder what it would be like to say. “I have to go to town”.=)


  2. Lovely Christmasyness. My house sadly will not be Christmasy. I had a stick-on Christmas tree and some other items in the front windows, but Janell pulled them off when we were cleaning last week. I guess she thought they looked sorta last-year. Or were they from two years ago? Who knows. I like your wreath. They would make lovely Christmas gifts. 🙂


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