Last night we had our first official guests in our little house.  Everyone fit.  Their was even room for our bellies to grow with cookies and ice cream.

Our guests were a talented family from church.  The husband with the help of his 2 sons  designed a wedding gift for us – a coffee table & 2 end tables.  They are so outstanding with the beautiful tile design!

Have an unedited peek,

That’s my adorable hubby.  Isn’t he a beautiful model for the picture…



These next two pictures are of the end tables – or as my honey bear calls them; end caps.


-and no, I don’t have children.  That would be my teddy bear collection, baskets, scrapbooks and laptop, all hanging out down there.  Poor things in search of a place they can permanently call home.  Their future might just be dark, squished boxes again.


♦♦♦                                                                                                       ♦♦♦







Have a happy wknd!



One thought on “Visitors!

  1. Thanks for the peek into your life, Jolynn! Isn’t it so much fun to entertain company in your own little house?! Looks so cozy…and just a thought, you might not want to pack the teddy bears away because it’s nice to have some toys when little children come over. 😉 I wish we could come visit y’all…miss you…thanks so much for posting!


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