Moments on Monday

My Monday started out like this;

I heard Jason quietly getting ready and then quick kiss and he was off to work.  A short time later, I got up and did absolutely nothing for a long time.Then Jason called me and wanted me to bring something down to work and that forced me to get moving.  I’m enjoying my days of no job-ness and trying to be ok with not working or being in school.  I may never, ever have this season of life again.

I mean at the beginning of the year school starts again for me and that will start up a schedule again.  But, like most people, I need a schedule and deadlines to get things done.  At times I feel unproductive but when I look back on my day, I got everything I had on my list done.  So I guess I’m explainig myself because I feel like this justifies me.  But not that I need to be justified.  I just feel…  Ok, whatever. . .

Ssoooo!, when I came back from Jason’s work, I was ready to start my day at approximately 1:09pm.


One thing that I had on my list that I did today and wanted to share with ya’ll was my stool!  *(very) Happy dance*


We have some extra white trim paint so I painted the stool white (and plus Jason had suggested it).

For the monogram part, I mixed our chocolate brown color that we used on in our dinning room with some more white paint to lighten up the brown.  Then I picked out a font I really liked on microsoft word and printed it out in like font size 400; a free homemade stencil!  I simply taped the paper onto thin cardboard and with a razor blade I c a r e f u l l y cut it out.



Here’s the pretty stool!  🙂



After I had finished, it still looked like it needed something, so I  smeared paint on the legs and kinda rubbed it up and down to give the distressed or antique look.  I also lightly ran leftover sand paper on it to give it more of the look. I’m pleased with the way it turned out.  And Jason swooned over it when he came home from work to which really made me feel good about it too.




“F” is for Friesen,





. . .or what ever else you want it to mean when you come over 😉


I hope to find another stool someday and paint it the same way but put a ‘J’ on it.


So that was my Monday (or a slice of it anyway).  How was yours?


7 thoughts on “Moments on Monday

  1. i so enjoy reading your posts-keep them coming! the stool is beautiful,very creative! i can so identify with the part of the no job-ness and trying to be ok with it… that has been one of the biggest adjustments for me. i was used to working full time and having a full social life. then i get married and life slows down. i often worried that i wouldn’t have something to do and that i would get bored. that has never happened… i did start working again,and then i discovered that working after you are married isn’t the same as it was before i was married. i didn’t like it one bit and was rather relieved when i could be at home again. so now i am embracing this season of life and trying to be more involved in blessing those around me. i am part of one bible study, and starting another…i am involved in Passion/for mennonite girls,and i started and exercise group here for some of the church ladies,we entertain guests on a weekly basis…it takes time to learn how to adjust to a new area and to marriage…but it is wonderful!
    one book that has been a tremendous help to me is called-Marital Bliss with a kiss of reality.its written by two mennonite ladies,Michelle beachy and Christy Smucker. it talks about the adjustments of marriage ,moving out of the area and all sorts of other helpful tidbits..well i am still in my bathrobe and need to get motivated for the day..God bless you!


    1. Thanks for posting! You’re such a dear! I love hearing from my readers! My blog feels somewhat ‘out there’. (Maybe cause I’m ‘out there’ (Texas) and feel a little disjointed)
      Married life is such a journey. I guess I was thinking that after I’m married my life would instantly become as busy as my mothers! But then again, why would it?… She has 4 boys living at home and I have 0 boys or girls!
      I’m kinda anxious to see how going back to school will be go for me now that I’m married. I’m anticipating stepping on each others’ toes during that dance… 🙂
      But as far as the need to feel or be busy goes… I think this season of life is good for me to reflect on the pace of my life and to think about what I might be missing out on if my aim in life is to be super busy. I don’t want to miss what’s really important…
      Thanks again for posting!!


  2. Oh, Jolynn. Duane needs to learn the getting ready quietly thing from his brother. I think he was intentionally being noisy so I’d get up and make the promised pancakes. 😦 I’m terrible. He’s working from home today, so maybe I could redeem myself and make them for his morning break. Which would be about right now. Gotta go. OH, and that book by those two mennonite ladies that the previous commenter wrote about? You wouldn’t know either of them would you? 🙂


    1. Christy Smucker? Who’s that??? *wink*
      Pancakes is our ‘Jason’s day off b-fast‘. Those boys must like them…
      Sorry bout your hubby being loud. I’m not sure I want Jay giving D those kind of quite lessons… it might be a little awkward… 🙂


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