on lotion, Christmas parades and house fix-ups

With this colder weather I find myself using lotion hibitually, daily and quite frequently!

Some of my favorites right now are:

  1. Clinique Happy

Item image

This was a brides maid gift from my brother’s wedding last January.  Since my bottle’s nearly empty I discovered (while searching online for more) that the price can be up there but there are some good deals on e-bay and amazon.


2.  St. Ives Hydrating lotion with vitamin E

Hydrating Vitamin E

I prefer this lotion at times because it’s non-scented.  Actually I pump this lotion a lot because my skin is so dry through out the day.  Like after I wash my hands and them dry them they are left drier then before.  Ugh!  . . . Pump!  Ahh!  🙂


3.  Oh, and then there’s Dark Kiss from Bath and Body Works!  I love, love, love this stuff!

Dark Kiss Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

No further explaining needed… 🙂  This stuff is heavenly.



It’s Christmas time in Texas!

Last night was the Lott Christmas parade.  My friend asked me to join them on their float and help throw out candy.  It was a new and fun experience 🙂  As a  little girl I always thought it would be so neat to be in the parade.

I got my chance.  My claim to fame!

As you can see Lott, is a v e r y BIG town!  We went down main street and turned around and went back again.  And everyone went home happy cause both sides of the street got candy!

(Dear Jason was the designated photographer.  Boy, it’s hard to get good shots a night…)


This is the float I was on.  The Christmas tree actually blinked on and off.  And little Logan held a sign that said, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” So sweet.  And Brielle was looking all pretty in her tiara that had pink sparklies and made her look very festive!  Julie holding down her hound dog.  Lots of people swooned over him when they saw the dog.

I guess I had already jumped off when this pic was snapped.



And my nephew {by law} and his little brother cruising two floats behind us on their 4-wheeler; being all macho guyish.  Tyler was throwing out candy.  🙂





as far as house projects go, Jason is still getting big and small but timely things done.



He is such a happy, whistler worker.



Quote, “I like working on fine tuning stuff.”

“I like making it look better then it was.”


Free Trash Day in Lott.  So we cleaned up [some of] our back yard.




Jason picking up an embedded log in the back yard.  Ugh!  Pic’s make it look really, really bad!  [side note – it IS!]



And this is the wife who crawled out of bed bright and early at 7:30am to help her umcha [husband]



(every couple has their pet names and we have ours too. . . )


The End



One thought on “on lotion, Christmas parades and house fix-ups

  1. Free trash day? How cool is that! Um, ‘gulp’, um, every week is free trash day here. Celebrating your free day though. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see you guys. Are you still thinking coming Thursday through the New Year? I said something to Teresa about doing coffee or lunch or something on Friday (if you’re here). Anyways, less then a week and we will be gracing ourselves with your lovely presence. Happy dance!


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