I’ve been noticing a beagle running around the neighborhood lately entertaining and getting all the local dogs worked up into barking fits.

He’s really friendly and loves people and attention.  Saturday afternoon he showed us what life could be like if we did have a dog…

He kinda looks like this: (don’t you just love google images…!)

I started calling him Max.  (Way to go Google images!)


Jason suggested I feed him.  Well, some people ended up stopping in and when they left ‘Max’ was no where to be found.

I’m kinda scared to feed him because I don’t want to get too attached to him.  Even though he has no tags the owner could show up and say, “Hey, mam, that’s our dog and we want him back!”  And then I just know I’d go through that whole detachment, sad phase and miss him greatly.  It would be so sad and heartbreatking

But for now the Max is gone.


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