Moments on Monday

So I saw this amazing wreath idea on a blog.

It was super cool and I was eCstAtIc to try it!!!

My friend Yvonne was planning on coming over this Monday and so I saved this crafty idea to make with her while we visited.  (Which was very hard to do to, by the way! When I get excited about something I want to do it NoW!)

So here we are working way and chatting up a storm when suddenly we run out of coffee filters!

We had planned to met some friends for lunch, so we zoomed down to the deli in Lott, met our girlfriends and had a very enjoyable lunch.

Back at the house, after a quick stop at H.E.B for more brown coffee filters, we happily found our place on the wreath project once again.

You just wad up two of the filters together from the center and pin it onto the foam.  I don’t know if that makes sense… so you can check it out here for more details. . .


working . . . working . . . working . . .


ANd . . .

thE  fiNal  prOduCt!




I’d like to go with a different string color.  So for now maroon will have to do.





So easy and fun to make (and cheap tOo!


Have a happy week All!






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