Spring Semester…

I”m apprehensive and feeling very fainthearted & mousy to be taking this class:

Me →

Critical Thinking

Description:  Surveys thinking strategies useful in developing effective analytical and creative thinking skills, with an emphasis on developing autonomous (self-managed) thinking habits. Develops competencies in recognizing different types of reasoning, evaluating supporting ideas, and constructing arguments. Course includes both theory and practice for developing effective problem-solving skills.

This is so not me!!!  (But I do wish I was more organized in thought though…)

Personal growth coming right up I guess!

Expecting a difficult dance in this class. . .


2 thoughts on “Spring Semester…

    1. Awe! Thanks, Lucy! You’re too believing in me or something like that… 🙂 Next Tuesday it all starts, baby!!
      I spent some more time moving Jason’s belongings/books over today. Wow! What a project! I’m wishing for more inspiration with what to do with all our ‘stuff’!


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