Little Stool

After spying and buying this stool in the Antique store in Lott, I had a vision for it.  That was a month ago.


I liked the size and detail of it – minus the floral and birdie design.



I bought it right around the time I was all inspired to paint my stool.  Which was so nice because I could work on them together.

I covered the thing with Kilz primer; it’s what we have around now since we have been strongly influenced that it’s the best stuff when we we looking to buy primer to paint our house. . .  and we like it!

This was my little project in the living room:


  • Old car blank
  • garbage bag
  • sand paper – to get rid of the lovely birdies and flowers
  • paint brush
  • rag

My husband would have freaked and told me to do it outside or in the garage, I am sure.  The only thing I can think of that influenced me to do this project INside was that is was cold that day here in Texas. . .


Anyway, a lot took place in the life of the stool after that primer day til today.  And I don’t have it on camera to show you, sorry!
After I primed it, I spray painted it red (outside!)  It still had crazy bumps on it from the flowers and birdies, so I sanded it again and then again and then at one point got Jason to give it some elbow too!
Then I sprayed and resprayed it – red is a difficult paint color to work with.  (We should know too, after painting one wall in our living room red!)  You have to apply many layers of paint because you can easily see streaks if you miss a spot – missed spots become VERY visible!
I finally got it to this point:
Nice thing about pictures you can’t see or feel how unsmooth it is!  🙂
Today, after stewing over what word to paint on it for about a month now and after changing my word  m A n Y,  M a N y, times
What do you think?  Leave me some comments!  🙂

9 thoughts on “Little Stool

  1. i love it because it`s so pretty– but also because i was just thinking of that word lately because of something my sister in law said to me lately… about being too busy and crowded by people sometimes to just “be”.
    i love to be idle and just be in life life sometimes– so thank you! jenny


  2. When I saw it, I thought along the lines of being me, and being ok with that rather than trying to be what someone else seems to think I should be… I like it, Jolynn!


  3. Love the stool!!And the word is perfect-kind of unexpected…i think it makes it extra neat.Sometimes the lil things in life can change our outlook and give us a facelift-like this chair received-and we feel refreshed-like we have a new purpose.We can be a lot of things,but when we BEcome what God wants us to be,we are changed,brightened,renewed and inspiring-just like the chair has been..even tho it might take some time to get there and lots of “sanding” to get us to BE that kind of person.Thanks for inspiring me!..I can’t wait to see your next project;)


  4. Love the comments! You guys are so inspiring!
    I love the word be because it allows me to be me and to rest in the craziness of life – esp being a newly wed!
    Seeing the little red stool in my kitchen every day will hopefully be a reminder to be to relax, rest and just ‘be’.

    Thanks ya’ll for posting so far! We all are BEcoming on our different journeys who God purposely birthed us to be!


  5. Be all you can be. Be you. God does the rest.Be kind,be gentle,be loving,be forgiving,be happy,be longsuffering.You always have a beatiful smile.Go face the world as you


  6. i like reading blogs:) even though i dont know you that well, thought i would share how God used the little stool in my life…i highly dislike structure. i love anything spontaneous! in my devotional life i have tried all kinds of things,but they never seem to last long…i soon feel boxed in and the joy is gone. then i start to feel like a failure because i wasnt able to read a chapter of the Bible each day,ect. i like to do something different,unusual…
    God was calling to me. he reminded me of the words on this little stool~BE… Joe got these beautiful journals the other day.He said that i may have one if i like… and God said to me, why dont you just come to me and BE? You dont need to read anything, unless you wish…you can sit here,and write nothing…whatever the spirit calls you to. So out of this has come my BE journal. I often turn on music and it becomes a wonderful time of just being before God. some days i read my Bible. some days I dont…Some days I write words,some days I write a sentence. I like it! Mostly i just listen…sometimes i run from being with him for a few days and he calls me back… there is no pressure,no need to measure up. He just wants to be with me. so that has been the journey he has taken me on through this one word…thanks for sharing! God used you~


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