Today’s beat

A)  School has begun.  Time to pull out my motivator that was stashed away in the closet since I’m married.

Professors and class work load seem to be mostly ok and pass my approval rating. J

I really enjoyed the first day. I met up with some friends that I knew from other classes. That made me feel right at home back at MCC.

Then at HEB after school, I met up with my old algebra professor in the produce aisle. She gave me a hug and we chatted very pleasantly. I always liked her (and still do)! It’s true, the teachers that are most remembered are the ones that are so encouraging and show that they are cheering for you!

B)  Boots that I bought for this spring. They are my snow (we’ll see!) / mud boots. They are rather comfy and quite agreeable with walking from class to class outside campus.


This picture is for Faye and Lucy!

C)  I finally made a chalkboard! I’ve been wanting to ever since we bought our house. I bought the ckbd paint waaaay back when and never found the right spot or item to paint . . . until now!

I’ve been seeing on many blogs that people are painting an entire wall with ckbd paint and been so covetous of this cool idea; especially since we had just bought a house and were planning on repainting every wall! My husband on the other hand was more apprehensive and suggested we wait and see which wall to paint. After my hyp wore off I began to see that actually no wall in our house would work to paint entirely with ckbd paint.

Then I got this brainstorm idea to paint one of our kitchen cabinets inside the trim with ckbd paint. I think I saw it on another blog somewhere. . . But my counter tops are dark blue and to have a single black door would look rather odd and make the little kitchen seem even smaller . . .

Just this past Monday I came across this site. I got so inspired. I didn’t have any extra drawers laying around or any old pots. . . but I did have lots and lots of picture frames! I’m too sentimental to get rid of them and I’m sure I’ll be able to use them down the road.

I painted the glass twice to make sure I didn’t miss a spot.



When I was finished. . . I didn’t know where to put it!

So for now it’s displayed on my kitchen counter. Not blending in so hot with the blue counter tops. Oh, and since tomorrow is not trash day anymore, it currently reads, “welcome friends“.




D)  I made these oatmeal yummy bars this morning with chocolate and peanut butter on top. I’ve been the only one home all day and the only one eating them all day. I wonder if I’ll get that top row finished to make the pan straight . . . ?

Does anybody else have a problem with irresistible things such as these not being cut straight?



They sure are mighty fine with a cup of coffee!

If you stop in, I might share with you. . .


7 thoughts on “Today’s beat

  1. Yes,its much for satisfying to have straight rows..mine never seem to turn out straight,so I keep cutting a lil more..and eating a lil more…I like your chalkboard paint idea.I just bought some the other day but havent used it much yet.We might paint a wall or a section of one in our office with it.Hubby wants one for all his lists and ideas:)


    1. Ooohh, have fun with the paint! Post pics on fb or something when you finished. I’d love to see another version of a ckbd wall!
      As for the boots. . . I couldn’t decide either for the longest time. Those dot ones are SO CUTE too!


  2. I like like like like like your boots. I keep shopping hoping I find a good enough deal to justify spending the money on boots. But I now have this problem. I saw the perfect pair of boots the other day – but they were on someone else’s feet and they were a stranger so I didn’t ask where they got them. And so now no other pair will do. I have to get that pair! Annoying that I get that way. But maybe a good thing, cause now I won’t spend the money if I can’t find them.


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