Another Monday Menu Post

Week #3 and I’m still doing menus! Go me! (Sometimes I am my biggest fan and I am ok with that. . . )

The first 2 weeks of creating menus was a bit of a project and a fun, new challenge for me. . . then today it was more of a whinny, “do I have too?” take.

But the wife did.

Menu 3 is on the loose. So much so, that I broke down and am going share it with ya’ll! Don’t get too excited too fast. The only meal I plan is supper (because b-fast is cereal, sweet things or toaster items and lunch is leftovers or an eat-outer meal)

My menu is tucked away inside the door of my baking cabinet.

I print them out so I can write um’ up if I change my mind on something or what to add an idea. . .





Here’s a closer peek:

In the first box is the main dish and then below it is my shopping list for that meal. Like Tuesday, I’m making fajitas and I have everything I need to make that meal so I only need to buy a green pepper. Usually my ‘need’ list is fresh produce kind of items.

I like to list the recipe name, cookbook it came from and page number so it’s super quick and really handy to come home from school and ‘just do it’ instead of trying to find a good recipe to make what is on the menu for the night.

You may have noticed, the dessert box is actually empty for the WHOLE week! No, we are not on diets (though we probably should be) but I happen to have lots of sweet stuff on hand right now and we DO NOT need any more dessert clogging up the counter tops and refrigerator.

If you have any comments or suggestions about my menu feel free to clog up my comments!

This week is actually not a big cooking week. I’m excited for Wednesday. I highlighted that word on there. I’m so excited about this field trip that I couldn’t help but add it to my menu. (We might eat there and that’s how it landed a big important spot on my menu!)

Right now we are just window shopping though. . . We are still working on furnishing our house. My brother, Josh is coming to visit for 6 days at the end of this month. The room he gets when he comes has always been our storage room since we moved here. It needs lots of organizing and de-cluttering! This privileged room (because it’s the only other room in our house) is predestined to be Jason’s office, our guest room and maybe my craft room.

Our IKEA trip is planned to; first of all look, and second of all, get ideas and thirdly, buy if necessary! I love how that place is almost like a tour of homes when you walk through it! Jason has never been there so I’m looking forward to tour guiding him through it!

  • I love how they have all these creative ideas for how to be resourceful and economize space.
  • I love their modern and contemporary look.
  • I love how they don’t leave a room in the house out; you’ve got every room in the house exhibited!

That’s my ‘I love’ list about IKEA. (happy sigh)

Anyway, life is S t A r I n G me in the face right now, AKA: Biology text book.

Have a chocolate icing kind of week!


14 thoughts on “Another Monday Menu Post

  1. I can hardly wait for my next trip to Ikea. However, trying to wait till I actually have $ to spend when I’m there.
    I tape stuff to the inside of my cabinet doors too. Are we related? ha.
    Fun to see your take on married life.


    1. Speaking of taping stuff, do you also do phone numbers inside another cabinet? 🙂 Then we might really be related!
      And about having the money to spend at IKEA, notice we are only ‘window’ shopping and only buying when necessary 🙂 Ha!


  2. Jolynn, this was so inspiring to me, you have no idea. I have been thinking lately how I really need to do the scheduled meal thing. Then you go post about it. I like the print it out idea. I picture saving them and reusing it. Ok, so there’s a good chance I will never get this done but thanks for the inspiration.
    love the picture at the top.


  3. Go you! keep up the whole planning meals thing. It helps enormously. *at least for me* Plus Curt knows if he doesnt help me think up meal ideas, he might end up with soups all week long. 🙂
    PS you shoud always post your meal plans, then i can copy them and dont have to come up with any on my own 🙂 haha


  4. you’re so super organized…go you! (I’ll be your fan too 😉 I love how you do your menu with the stuff you need listed on the bottom. I’m such a fan of organization–it’s something I’m constantly trying to grow in!


  5. I’m doing it. I’m really gonna do it. Tonight. As in right now. I’m making a menu. Every single thing I thought of to make for dinner tonight included an ingredient or 2 or 3 that I did not have. Bless Norma for sharing her mushrooms for me. It was Chicken Marsala at our house and we were all grateful for Norma. I like how you do your menu. Gives me idea’s.


    1. After I posted it, I was so embarrassed! It really is nothing great; more of an outline then anything. If my simple, little menu can be used to help your cooking, that’s what this blog is all about! 🙂


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