Add for IKEA &; a little confession too

Wednesday we dreamed a dream…

Today we are living in the after visions of that dream.

So coming away from IKEA left our heads spinning with ideas! We brought a catalog along home to continue dream land with the luxury of being able to measure and do hands on and visual arranging in our house. J

There was so much to see and so many new things do with shelves that we never once knew were options!


You can do so many things with the little 4×4 shelf. You can stack them on top of each other and get as many as you need.


$69.99 $129

w/ glass door $629.97



And I just love these cubby self things!


You can hang them:

  • above dining room table
  • above your bed
  • in the bathroom
  • in entrance way
  • . . . . . .



So many kinds of desks… you can mix-n-match colors and style with the tops, legs and drawers beneath.


Prices range from $100- $250, depending on top, legs and if you get drawers…

Confession Corner:

So I’ve been to IKEA before. This wasn’t my first time or anything even though it might appear or sound that way!

It’s just that since I’m decorating my house now… it’s more fun! Before it was me & mom, now it’s me & hubby! We decide. We choice what style we like. We make those big decisions together. With mom, I’d offer my 2 or 89 cents but ultimately she decided. Now I’m in on the decision making end and my opinion matters more than ever before. It’s kind of scary. I mean if we buy something, we are stuck with it. People will see it in our house and it will reflect US! Whereas with mother dear, with her picks that <were not-so-much mine> I could sigh it off as, “Oh, mom…” because I knew it wasn’t me or my style and if I had my own house I’d decorate it different. And if people came over and saw that new sofa or *ahem* cute scarecrow in the corner of the room… I could detach myself from it because it most certainly was not my idea or style. Yeah, it looks a little weird, but. . .

Now I have my own house. It is fun to be on my own and decorate to my heart’s content; my way- not moms. I want things to look nice. I want people to like our house and find it cozy and relaxing. I want to buy furniture that looks nice and is good stuff and hopefully not regret it. (That has happened already…)

I enjoy being creative. I like to try new things. Hubby likes my ideas but sometimes he is not too sure of some them. That is then a sign for me. If he finds it strange then maybe I’d better change it… Then it leaves me remembering mom’s ideas and I remember how strange they were to me. There is no way I would do things as strange as she did! Or is there? Oh, no! It is a scary revelation to realize that I have pieces of my mother radiating from me! Some day my daughter might be annoyed to find pieces of me flowing from her too! Now that is perspective right there!

So I like decorating on my own, away from mom and with hubby… but I need to remember that I have strange ideas too, like mom, and keep them in check (like using my husband as buffer). Being married has its own set of pressures… maybe I’ll blog about that some more sometime. . . . . .



*All pictures are copy & pasted off of







3 thoughts on “Add for IKEA &; a little confession too

  1. I have the “5×5” style bookshelf, the one that’s $129 new. I got mine used off Craigslist, almost like new, for under $100. I want to buy the desk attachment for it, and I’ve been watching Craigslist for quite a while, but I think I’m soon going to cave and buy it new. 🙂 Best wishes with your shopping and dreaming!


    1. Oh, we’ve had our experience just lately with Craig’s list too. Haven’t bought anything yet but then again, we are still sleeping on it. 🙂 I’ve been looking for bookcases too but haven’t found anything worth buying yet…
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  2. Are you advertising for Ikea? =)

    Its like the on-line page on your blog. Great style. When you get rich you can buy me the big one for my apt asap! =)


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