Sanctity of Life Sunday

Today is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks.  My aim was to get my thoughts together & share with you about why I believe life is scared.  I tossed some ideas around for a post.  Nothing was coming together.  No ‘Ahh-ha!’ moments or ‘light-bulbs’ going on.

I then found this video.  I think it says it well what I want to say about how precious life is.  Please take the time to watch it.  It’s only 3.32 min long.  It might inspire you.  It might bring tears to your eyes.  It might make you think about someone you know or about your own situation.


Video for Sanctity of Life Sunday | The Miracle of Life | Pro-Life Video.


Leave a comment if you were impacted by the video in even a small way.

Now, go enjoy life.  Live life to the fullest!  You were meant to live for purpose!


4 thoughts on “Sanctity of Life Sunday

  1. Isn’t it amazing! It was incredible to watch the ultrasounds being done of our children. We could see the four chambers of their hearts and the valves working and all their fingers and toes, etc. How can someone deliberately get rid of that? Children are definitely a miracle and a blessing. I have this plaque in my house that says, “Grant me patience to deal with my blessings”. I do not enjoy little babies. I like the stage that they can tell me what’s wrong and I can communicate with them, so that is something I have to look at when I get frustrated with my children and then pray that prayer. I too often take my blessings for granted.
    The other thought I had about sanctity of life is how do we keep our bodies? Are we keeping our bodies holy & acceptable unto God? We may not be aborting babies or anything, but how do we treat our bodies? Just a couple thoughts from the COLD north.


    1. Children are a blessing… sometimes in disguise I think… 😉
      I agree Sanctity of human life isn’t just about stopping babies being aborted. It is also about taking care of our bodies and presenting them as a living sacrifice – however that may look or apply to your life. Our lives/bodies are gifts from God and we are responsible to take care of them. How well am I doing?
      Good thoughts for the cold north! 🙂


  2. thanks for posting this! joe and i are looking forward to a little one joining us in August…a few weeks ago we saw the first ultrasound,the heartbeat,the arms,legs,and the baby moving around. it was amazing and made me all teary:) watching this video really blesses me and makes me feel that way again. the past few days i struggled with some of the things that i have had to say no to, that i would have done before…. seeing this post makes me say thank you God! what a gift this precious child is!


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