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It’s a Freezing cold day outside and it’s weathering again. They are calling it ‘wintery mix’. All my plans got cancelled today, and I oddly had a lot of things going. At this rate church tonight might get dropped from the schedule too.
Wish my homework would somehow get cancelled too…

So this post is my attempt to avoid homework and procrastinate some more!

BEWARE: this post is completely and entirely RANDOM!

I love my husband for so many reasons. And it’s Valentine’s Day soon. I don’t want to bore you and go on and on about why I love my husband so, but, because it’s close to Valentine’s Day, I’d like hear from you all about why you love your husband! Clutter up the comment box!

To be fair, I’ll share my number one reason right now about why I love my husband! J

#1 I love his big heart and compassion and benevolence.  He cares for others so naturally and when he hears of injustice in someones story,  the warrior in him comes alive and makes him what to fight.  He bares the image of Christ with his kindness and compassion and justice  for others.

And I get the privilege of dancing with him 🙂



Inspiring quote on my chalkboard today

Marital blissful living 101:

  • Walking away and leaving the washing machine lid open during the entire cycle – I’ve done this twice now and had to totally re-wash the load.



I heard a man say that his minister challenged his congregation to not only fast by way of food or T.V. but to fast from speaking; Fasting from speaking. Not that you wouldn’t say anything but the challenge would be to listen MORE and speak less. The challenge is to be others centered and not self centered.

Listening can be uncomfortable. You just stand there, look at them and blink. I find myself thinking of what to say next to what they are saying or thinking how ridiculously awesome they are and my life is like squat or even, “They are so weird.  I’m glad I’m not like that”.

Can I listen to others for the benefit of their hearts? of making a better friend?, for caring more for others?, for getting to hear what is on their heart?

Can I lay aside my loud stories about me and my laughter and simply listen?

Why are you afraid to listen?


I like pillows right now…

Ha Ha!

I love it.

Looking for a gi-normous jar of random buttons… Anyone?


Here’s my honest to goodness truth plan-o: A felt flower pillow.

* I bought the pillow.

* I bought the fabric to cover it and

* I bought the felt.


Opps! Did I mention that I don’t have a sewing machine? I’m waiting for the next Sister’s Day J That actually was on the plan for today but got cancelled due to the unreasonably cold elements outside my door.

After Google searching (… for a while) I found this little cutie , I wondered why not?!

Or is it cheaper and less stressful to just buy the fashion at Target or Ross??


8 thoughts on “This & That

    1. Jason was telling me that I have a boring title and that I won’t get a lot of traffic with a title like “This & That”. But i argued that people like you would ‘get it’ and want to read more! 🙂 Your comment proved my point to him then. 🙂
      Can’t wait to hear why you love D!


  1. can i comment even though I don’t have a husband?? =) I love your random post–really like the part about fasting from talking. Now there’s a challenging thought! Enjoy your first v-day as a married lady! 😉


    1. Yes, of course you can comment even though you are unattached presently…
      Isn’t fasting from words so powerful sounding and challenging! Might give it a whirl one of these days (or at least a half a day)


  2. I love my husband for many reasons but the one that sticks out to me so often is his pure unselfishness. He will do anything for anyone even when it means sacrificing his to-do list or plans. He loves to please me and make sure I’m happy and content with what’s going on. I truly love him for this quality! Also, his take -it -easy – and -enjoy – the – moment attitude! 🙂 Gives me much needed balance! Blessings to you Jolynn as you dance along with Jay. By the way I love your chalkboard saying….


    1. Good stuff, Yvonne! That sounds just like Jay, takin’ it easy and livin’ life! We love you guys and are blessed to have ya’ll as friends in our lives! ‘Iron sharpening iron’ comes to mind for some reason when I think about our friendship… 🙂


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