Where’s the love?

(Pic complements of our honeymoonJ)

I’m a little sad that more people didn’t write about why they love their husbands.

Maybe it’s because they don’t love their husbands. Maybe I’m a newlywed with my head in the sand and just really love my man? Maybe it’s because they were too embarrassed to get mushy on a public site. Maybe when they read this they were having a bad day with their significant other and didn’t find him worth bragging about just then. Maybe it’s because this blog is still somewhat new and not popular enough yet to feel worth posting on right now. Maybe it’s because my original post had SSOOOOO much random stuff on it and people forgot about that part waaaaaay back in the beginning about telling the world why they love the man they married.

Maybe. Or maybe not.

Which is why I’m gonna try again. Round 2 people! (Lucy I’m waiting on you here too…)

Why do you {heart} your husband? What makes him way better then everybody else’s husbands around? Brag him up. Tell a specific story or a little moment. Tell about special thing he did or does that is amazing and you can’t live without and you didn’t know it but now that you married him you realize that you would miss it if he was gone.

Let the mushy, gushy stuff begin!

Anna, you can comment this outfit if you’d like. Is it a “yes” or “no”?  (never mind that I’m feeling maga! inferior and silly inside because I’m posting my outfit.  Or that I”m laughing at myself and saying the whole time, “this is so retarded!  This is so retarded!”


20 thoughts on “Where’s the love?

  1. love the shirt! 😉 i’d wear it!!! brag about my husband? be mushy in public? you don’t need to ask me twice! where do i start on talking about the love of my life? Something special about my hubby is that he often will bring home a single flower just to brighten my day. I’d rather have a single gerber daisey for a “just because i love you” rather then waiting for once or twice a year for a big expensive bouquet. he is everything i ever wanted and more: patient, kind, smart, thoughtful, dependable, trustworthy, spiritual leader, wonderful father, all in all the best way to wrap it up is to quote scripture:
    “You are so handsome, my love, pleasing beyond words!” song of solomon 1:16a
    ” I am my lover’s, and he claims me as his own.” Song of Solomon 7:10
    “My lover is mine and I am his” Song of Solomon 2:16a
    hows that for mushy!?! love it! =) happy valentines!


    1. Awe! Love it! And I love the verses!
      Yesterday in church we were talking about getting roses on V-day. It is special to get them on this special day but more extra special (if you can have two positives in a single sentence!.. ) to get them through out the year! What a thoughtful, romantic husband you have, dear! Ladies that don’t get flowers and wish they would are probably falling on the floor after reading your post!


  2. Cute shirt! I love my husband because he keeps my life interesting:). He’s a great father to our children as well. He is great at taking care of them if I need to be helping someone else. So he is a great other half for me. He completes me;)


  3. Nope, it’s not that I’m too embarrassed. It’s not that I wasn’t feeling the love. It’s just that, it’s so hard to put into words the miracles (and pain) God has written into our story that have brought us to this point of our lives.

    What attracted me most to my husband in the beginning and still now, is his intense desire to pursue the heart of God – to KNOW Him and to live life full. That’s what drew me to him before I ever thought of him romantically. That’s what led to an amazing friendship that I depended on way more then I knew – until that day I almost lost it.

    And I guess what I’m most grateful for, is that he gave “that girl” a second chance. You know. The girl that caused him more pain then anyone else ever. And that now we can talk about those painful days and it causes our love to be even bigger then ever.


    1. I never grow tired of hearing your love story, Lucy. You guys were meant to be together!
      “Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained” ~C.S.Lewis
      Jason and I really look up to you guys! 🙂


  4. I wanted to respond yesterday, but I was too busy… Now, I have a little window of time to write about Delmar. I love my husband. It’s hard to put it all into words… His {heart} for Jesus and others is an inspiration. He is a perfect combination of prophetic truth and compassionate love; life with him is an exciting journey. I love his passion, his determination and his priorities. He isn’t afraid of doing the hard things. I can trust him, 100%, as he leads us…

    I love living life with him… the quiet evenings at home… the busy days… and sometimes the very busy evenings… the happy times… the sad times… waking up with him… going to sleep with him… just being his, through and through! I love being married.

    One thing I adore is his thoughtfulness towards me and towards other people. He is the picture of consideration and care, even about “little things” that people so often overlook. Delmar is always ready with encouragement: and I’m the number one benefactor of that!

    One tradition we started since we were married, taken after my grandparents, is kissing after our meal prayer. My grandpa always said when asked about the tradition, “I have to taste the sweetest thing at the table before I can eat!” Well, we picked up the tradition. I love it. 🙂

    Yep, I love Delmar. (And I loved your “hubby” shirt, Jolynn. It’s darling.)



    1. LAUREN! I miss you! Thanks for commenting on my blog! It makes me feel special… 🙂
      I love that you married Delmar! You 2 are doing amazing things together as couple! The world is more complete that you guys are one. And so are you! 🙂


  5. I love my husband for being such a wonderful dad to our children!!!! If I’ve had a bad day when he walks in the door it lights up myday!!! It makes me feel the sameway I feel after it’s been cloudy for a few days & the sun peeps out!! I really admire him for the good he sees in everyone & seldom talks about the bad in people!! I am married to my best friend & love it!!


  6. I love my hubby for so many reasons…he loves God and is not afraid to help out with church things-he is a great leader.He doesn’t beat around the bush.He is friendly & fun to be around.He loves his family & tries to visit them often,even tho there are 13 siblings & most are Amish.
    He helps me so much at home-he loves to cook Sunday lunch(its usually a breakfast type lunch),is a hard worker,good business man and all about saving money where he can.He invites company over on the spur of the moment & then helps me get food ready.He loves to help me garden & do yard work.He thinks my crafts & decorating ideas are cute & creative.=)He likes antiques.We used to go antique shopping on our dates=)He drinks his coffee black.He makes sure our vacations are somewhere special & usually rich in history.He kisses me every morning before he leaves-whether I’m awake or not.
    He has helped with our new lil son so much- at night even when he has a busy day planned & never battted an eye about changing his diapers=)I didn’t even have to ask him to!He is proud to death of him & has great ideas about what he wants to do with him when he’s older.
    The list could go on & on…=)


  7. I love my husband because he’s my best friend and he really is my BETTER half! 🙂 He’s the calm presence when I’m worried or upset about something. I love that he very rarely gets upset and is always levelheaded about any situation. One thing in particular, he was so sweet about bringing hot tea to me in bed when I was sick for several weeks 🙂 Even if he has a busy day planned, he always comes to our room and kisses me good bye and then I hear him turn on the lamp in the living room and he reads his Bible every morning before he leaves. I appreciate that he works hard to provide for us and he is such a good Daddy! 🙂 I love my hubby!


  8. Just had to add my 2cents, even tho Im very late =)
    First of all, I love your shirt, and I have one very similar to it…I wore it thru the airport on our honeymoon and got several comments on it from total strangers..
    Secindly, and most importantly, I love my husband because he;
    ~is so patient and understanding with me
    ~thinks about me, and what I want
    ~is very respectful
    ~helps me very much, esp. this last wk with hanging up decorations and everything!
    ~really wants to serve God
    I love living with him, and even tho “normal” life has to set in sometime, Im kinda dreading when he has to go back to work!


  9. Kind of late here, but I can’t resist a chance to brag on Steve…but now I don’t know where to start. So in no particular order–He is spontaneous, life will always be an adventure with him, he’s smart–a thinker. He challenges me. He values history and has taught me about how we can learn about the present and future by studying the past. He thinks outside the box. He’s kind to everyone and especially older and handicapped people. He’s soooo god with children. He’s willing to help me grow even if it means he’ll get hurt in the process. I love that he can apologize or admit he was wrong. He’s romantic–and not just in bringing flowers home for me, but non-traditional ways, too. Oh, and once he even stopped on the way home from school to pick a bouquet of flowers for me because they reminded him of me! Okay, I’ll stop. 🙂


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