After it all

First of all I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who proudly wrote affectionate, kindhearted truths about their beloved hubbies! I love it! I love reading about how special husbands can really be to the one they made lifelong vows too.

I’ve been thinking lately that my experience has been not so very positive. Wives don’t brag up on their men, they choose to grumble about them instead. Wives don’t just ‘go off’ excitedly about things their husbands do or have done for them. [Maybe it’s because their husbands don’t do anything worth bragging about?] Women don’t expect men to take care of them. Self-sufficient and strong are two rather coveted describing words. Seldom is there voiced the joys of being married, the happiness their husband brings them or the how they depend on their husband to do such and such.

The lady I grew up thinking I’d be like handles it all just fine herself. Untold, she is independent, flying here and there, everywhere and work, work, work – all byherself, thank you very much. If she would happen to say something complimentary about her husband, it usually echoes sarcasm instead of sincerity. I don’t have a very good impression of a wife and husband team, do I? . . .

Wow, I didn’t mean to rant and rave about the strong domineering woman in my life… but now that I exposed myself to you all, I need to say that those are my tendencies too. I have a lot to be redeemed from as a woman in Christ, as a wife in Christ. I am so aware daily of how much I need Christ, my savior, who saved me by grace. I fall short every day and desperately am in need of my savior to save me from my natural tendencies.

It can be so hard to not swing the other way and become the exact opposite (however that looks or can be described…) But I know that is reacting; reacting to what I know and vowing to not be that. I want to be in a safe place with God; knowing I have his 100% support and confidence in me to become… become more and more the who he wants me to be as a wife and Godly woman. I have many raw edges that need softening. I am so thankful for my kind, loving and patient husband, Jason, who struggles, cries and still keeps on loving me as I go through the painful process of change. I want to be different and it requires effort and many
mental battles let me tell you!


Ok, coming up for air now… J




So about those pillows I was going off about before . . . Yup!

I finally make one! Yeah!


I saw how to make rosettes on this blog – You can click here to discover this really easy way to make one of these prettys.


I made 6 of these rosettes. They are made of 5 or so flower shaped pieced hot-glued together (it’s on the tutorial if you care to look)




I then created a flower that I hand sewed onto the pillow. . .



And then sewed it up!


The final product!

It looks great in the spare room J (it didn’t quite match like I figured for the living room…shucks!)



10 thoughts on “After it all

  1. Thank you for being honest and sharing your feelings!!Why is is so easy to find fault with our dear partners for life-who would do anything for us & really do try hard to please us???You hear more women putting thir hubbys in the dirt then you do of men complaining about their wives.I love my man,but still struggle to not pick at things sometimes-often small things that he is happily oblivious to.Self gets in the way & I think I know best-things need to be done my way or I fuss & mutter…thats when Satan smirks & says,”Aha,I’m lovin’ it!”
    Bragging about your man/telling him why you love him is one of the best things you can do for him.That act boosts their energy-emotionally,physically & spiritually-puts a spring in their step for days.Why not do it more often,ladies???Most men feel the need to be respceted greater than the need to be loved-hard for a woman to comprehend.Guess God made them leaders & they need to feel like they are good at leading or they feel like a failure.It’s amazing how a wife’s slandering words affects her husband as’s egos are crushed easier than women’s.I found that hard to believe.I thought they were TOUGH-they would shrug it off & forget it.But they bottle it up,silently despairing & wishing they could be a better man,wondering why they can’t ever seem to please their wife…the wife then feels unloved because he’s withdrawn & stews some more.O,the torture women put their husbands through sometimes.And they seldom complain or badmouth their wife to their friends!! I have been thinking of this subject lately-my hubby is going to talk on marriage at church tomorrow.SORRY,I didn’t mean for this to be an epistle or sound like I have all the answers..I REALLY don’t!!Just some thoughts I had & Learned from the book-“Love & Respect” by Dr.Emerson Eggerich.I’ll pray for you as you try to do more braggin’,lovin’ & respecting!=)
    OOhh-I love the pillow!!I have been thinking of making some flowers ,but with my sister’s wedding and a lil one,I didn’t get it accomplished yet.


  2. Wow! I hope your hubby’s topic went well for him today 🙂 It really does sound like you have a lot on your mind especially with just reading “Love & Respect”. What an eye-opener book, huh!

    Bless you as you discover how to honer, respect and let your man serve you in more and more ways. Marriage is God ordained so even though it can be difficult at times, God is still for it and knows what ‘s best for men and woman! 🙂


  3. Love your blog, Jolynn! How funny that we were just talking about husbands and being married today in class. And the pillow? LOVE it too!


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