Can’t figure it out.

This week’s menu was a hit!  I got so many delicious and savory meal ideas from ya’ll!

Like, for example…

  • Beef Enchiladas -Roseann back home
  • Asian Tomato Beef –
  • Making rice ahead and refrigerating it – From Amy in the islands
  • Chicken & Broccoli Stir-fry – From Michele in Leola
  • And we’re still working on the never ending leftovers from the other week 😦


So this is me sitting in my think chair. Though I didn’t sit in it today, I like to take think breaks here and sip a cup of coffee especially with the weather being so lovely right now!



I’m becoming like my husband.  Yes, I am. Living with him for 5 months has greatly influenced me. How he handles his emotions, is polite, thinks always of others and fights for what is best in our relationship (whether I’m being a selfish, spoiled brat or not!) In some ways I’ve taken on his thought processes and begun to think about things differently and even think ahead sometimes!  He is so loving, thoughtful, thinks ahead (very unlike me) and seems to always think of me – even down to saving me food from his leftover lunch because he knows I really liked that particular enchilada!

Me- I would have devoured it whether I knew he liked it or not!  (See, me = selfish!)

But in order for me to become more like someone means there had to have been change.  Change had to have taken place.  Intentional or not intentional but something had to leave in order for the new to settle in.  Something had to die in order for new life to grow.

Webster’s definition of change is;

to make different in some particular : alter

If someone would have told me I needed to change or alter my attitude or behavior or response or what have you, I would have bulked at their nice suggestion and found everything nice within me and declared that I do not need change.  After all, I’m pretty cool the way I am.  Why should I change?  I think to myself, ‘You (you!) need to change!”


  • Something about living with someone…
  • Something about being loved for who you are
  • Something about not being ‘mom’s daughter’ anymore
  • Something about learning to see my annoying side & realizing it’s not so cool…
  • Something about having a man that fights for me more than dad did
  • Something about blind trust


Yeah, I’m not sure what it is that makes me want to change but I am coming to see that it’s making me better.  I really can’t place my finger on it.  It is strange.

Maybe someday I’ll look back and go, ‘Ooohhh!  That’s why I changed!’  But for now I guess I’ll be ok with the different me and not knowing what really is happening. I’ll settle with what God is doing in my life. I’ll buckle in for the ride.

I could very well be the right of my life!


3 thoughts on “Can’t figure it out.

  1. You put words on how I’ve been feeling recently: four months into my marriage and seeing how Delmar has been changing me, for the better. There really is something powerful about living with someone, being unconditionally loved and being a wife to a patient, caring, wonderful husband that exposes a lot of not so good stuff in me and inspires me to be a better person. Thanks for your transparent honest post that blessed my heart!


  2. I love that you allow change. I love that you are open to change. I love that you embrace change. Sometimes (like last night) I don’t want my husband’s good influence. Sometimes I just want to be victim-like and say “thats just how I am”. But really really really – I want to become more like the Jesus that I see in my husband.
    I love how you and Jason both challenge each other. I think you’re a good match. 🙂


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