Do you know her?


Happy in a house full of brothers.

Loved by daddy.

Friends to those all around.

Being noticed for her beauty.

Drawing his attention.

Taken and violated.

Tender words spoken.

His ways bind her to him or no one.

Resolving this is Life.

Brothers & daddy filled with furry.

Families agree to ‘him & her’.

Secret attack on her future.

Lost her fiancé.

Never to a wife.

Stripped of her identity.

No more wedding.

Gone are chances to marry.

Cannot fulfill what she was created for.

No social status.

Pain is new best friend.

Grief bids her to sleep.

Hope escapes her.


Who is this?

Meet Dinah. Her heart stricken story is recorded in the bible in one simple chapter. You might not remember her. I didn’t.

She was raped, planned to marry, and her brothers secretly attacked the man and his city therefore losing all hope of being a wife and mother someday. Her life did look bleak with this strange man wanting in her life but simi-hopeful because she could bear children in this forced relationship; one of her desires. As custom would have it of that day, no other man could have her now because of her stolen virginity.

I would like to meet her. Have coffee with her. Her story is real. True. Painful. I imagine looking in her eyes and seeing the hurt and shame reflecting the depth of her story. I can feel my heart beating faster as she tells me the details of her story. I am disgusted towards those who hurt her. Something in me demands justice. Something in me fights for her right to life and happiness.

I too have hurt and shame in my life. I have regrets. People have wronged me in my past. Her story is inconclusive in the Bible leaving me to wonder how she dealt with the mystery of her feelings and cold hard reality. Did she turn bitter and reject her family. Did she close her heart never to love again? Was a second chance or redemption offered her? Did she work through forgiveness and find joy in her pain?

I don’t know the rest of her story. Maybe in heaven someday I’ll hunt her mansion up and then have my coffee with her. I hope upon hope that her story ended well, but, we just don’t know. So, I only can grab my life while the sun still shines and work with the pain and hurt still planted there. I long for my story to end well. Don’t we all?

As I search for answers from God in my story, I pray for forgiveness & redemption. I’m thankful for my God who loves me and offers second chances. I am thankful for my God who holds out his hand to me. As I look up searching his eyes, he offers me this next dance. Reflecting his eyes, I see pride and joy shining on me. My heart burns for I feel so undeserving. His hand is warm in mine. I follow because something about my God feels safe and draws me in.

then we danced…

{This picture is from our wknd in Galveston, Tx. I am not implying my husband is my God.

He simply dances with me and continues to turn me closer to God, the Lord of the dance}

6 thoughts on “Do you know her?

  1. I often wondered how her story ended.The Bible doesn’t talk much about rape,but I’m glad this chapter is in there so women who go thru that can find comfort in the fact that they are not the only ones who had to go thru this and that the awful deed will not go unpunished.I can’t imagine such pain,shame and the heartache Dinah experienced.All her girlhood dreams being shattered.She probably felt worthless,like an outcast.There are so many hurting ladies in this world-makes me wanna give ’em all a hug & somehow make everything ok.Thanks for sharing-I’m glad God is there with outstretched arms for everyone-ready to love up on us and make life worth living,no matter what we face in life.


  2. I’m not implying I am a rape victim in my reflection of Dinah account. I wasn’t aware of how that sounded or could be taken by my readers… But the struggles in my life are of no lesser pain. The ugliness of sin present in my story make me all the more worthy of forgiveness and redemption as Dinah was.

    Thanks for a God who makes all things new! 🙂


  3. It never crossed my mind that you were a rape victim.Sorry if I gave you that idea.I just feel sorry for the ones who are!!And yes,we all truly need love and forgiveness and God’s help-just like Dinah!


  4. Jolynn, such stirring thoughts. Beautiful. So thankful that God is Redeemer. And I don’t think you implied at all that you’re a rape victim. Then again, I know your story a bit.


  5. It’s such a weird story. I wonder why it’s in the Bible. There is no ending. We don’t know what became of Dinah. The story is written more from the point of view from the dad and brothers so we can only imagine Dinah’s version of the story. The brother’s killed her future husband and they thought it was good so their sister wouldn’t be a prostitute. Yet, poor Dinah, that was her only chance at a life being a wife. Since she was raped, no other man would want her.

    Such a sad story. Still hunts me as to why it’s in the Bible with no proper ending.


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