The Meaning of Chocolate

    ~ D r e A ~ M ~ I n g ~

about ~ chocolate.

This may perhaps seem silly.  {I even feel silly sharing this.} During this entire time of Lent 2011, I’ve struggled with thoughts of foolishness and ridiculous. Some people give up meat. Some people give up internet or facebook. Some people give up TV or video games and commit to spending more time with family. But, I uh, … but I laid down… *Ah-hem* chocolate.

I know. . .  it’s crazy.

Chocolate is just a food. (that I’m crazy about)

There is nothing Godly or neat or a true picture of sacrifice with refraining from indulging Chocolate.

To be honest, I have had SSOOOOOOOOOO many moments of deep, forREAL strong cravings for that delicious sweet treat. And every time my belly would tell me it needs Chocolate, I’d tell myself I’m so bizarre for giving up Chocolate for lent. The point of Lent is to give up something dear to you just as Christ gave up his life for us sinners. He paid a very high sacrifice – indeed, his life! {for such a choco-crazy person as I.}

Jesus went into the wilderness alone to pray for 40 days and to search himself. Likewise, Lent is designed for Christians to search themselves as well. No, I’m not Catholic. I’m a Mennonite and we don’t observe or celebrate Lent. I’m just fascinated with the concept of giving up something and sacrificing. Why give up Chocolate if you don’t have to?  Maybe because we people living in the land of much have much and being without much is so foreign. Plus, I enjoy a challenge. It’s like a thrill, a rush! – ‘can I do it or not?!!’

Just last night my husband and I were at a wedding reception and for dessert that had brownies and ice cream. When we were at the table eyeing up the brownies and the smell, Jason said sarcastically,” how many do you want?” He was joking of course and I laughed. It was indeed, a sacrifice.

Today in church it struck me that even though this choco-depravation has gone on long enough and I’m so ready to deluge into some dark Chocolate, I am reminded how much more Christ gave up for me. And everytime I scream out for Chocolate inside, I hope to pause and pray, talk to God, read my bible or just thank God for this opportunity to feel the sting of sacrifice just a wee bit compared to how he bled and died.

As I wind down this last week of Lent, I know I won’t super spiritualize not eating Chocolate, so instead of getting frustrated that I can’t eat Chocolate, maybe I will remember to think about why I’m not eating Chocolate.

Letting go of something is hard to do. . . even if it’s just



4 thoughts on “The Meaning of Chocolate

  1. I didn’t give up chocolate for Lent – but if I did – I’d be right with you in the ridiculous longing! Good for you for sticking with it! And good thoughts on the true meaning of sacrifice and how much Christ did for us!

    Happy Easter!


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