Some Mother/Daughter Time


Let’s talk about the fun times!

For those of you who don’t already know, I moved permanently to Texas from Pennsylvania when I got married. Not all of my family has been to visit yet. I am the first and only sibling (and aunt, uncle, cousin you name it!) who has moved from home. My dear mother just made the long day travel by plane to spend a week with me during the time my husband was away for a seminar. It was a wonderful time spent together. Nobody can take the place of a mother – no one! I love her dearly and had a grand time trotting her all around these parts showing her some of my favorite places. . . and some new ones too!

One thing I particularly like about my mom is her sense of adventure. Must be where I get it from. With mom around I was finally able to get to all those little cute shops and restaurants I’ve been eying up lately. And of course mom is always game for trying something new – especially since she can go back home and brag, brag, brag up all the neat places she’s been and all the important people she meet! My mom is truly a unique individual. It’s scary to think I might be just like her!


This over exposed picture was taken on a sunny day by the Brazos River. We had such fun walking around downtown Waco! I love it there. So many cute shops and yummy restaurants!


It was indeed a rare and precious time that I did not take for granted.



My heart leaped like a gazelle when she arrived!



We enjoyed many hours on our home on the range




Where the deer and the antelope play


Where seldom is heard a discouraging word


And the skies are not cloudy all day J


Ok! We don’t exactly have antelope but we did get to see some! And this sun set picture is from our backyard; gorgeous! J The creek picture is from a natural springs not far from where we live.


Mom was itching to taste some real Mexican food.


She ordered chalupas which look something like this (thanks to google images…) Don’t think you can get this delicious goodness up there in Pa . . .




We had a fun week together. Now that precious journey has come to an end…


This is just a glimpse of my time spent with mom!

It was so wonderful to have her around! She will be missed! I think airports where made for tears . . .




Now for the next adventure!


Looking forward to my friend Anita King coming to see me!

4 thoughts on “Some Mother/Daughter Time

  1. So excited that your mom could come down and see you! What a special time! I loved walking through your pictures and getting a glimpse of what my favorite Texas “cowgirl” is up to. 🙂


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