Life is but a vapor

My mother in law’s health has been declining rapidly over the past week.  For about a month we knew something was dreadfully wrong and we all awaited Dr. appointments and then the results.  It was a drug out deal.

Just yesterday, Wednesday, May 11, we (Jason, Irene, Dad & I) finally took her into the ER to finally get immediate help.  She could barely walk or keep conversation long.

She’s dying.  Stage 4 cancer in the bone and liver.

Please visit here to follow a journal my dear husband is keeping to keep family and friends near and a far updated!

On a personal note, I have never walked this close, held the hand of, feed or had my heart squeezed this strongly before with the aroma of grief.  There have been more tears, estranged conversations and weepy hugs then I know what to do with.  We haven’t even been married a year and I feel like there is so much more of my mother in law I want to get to know!  This is hard!

This is a pic of me and my mother in law, Anna, with the scarf she made for me.

“Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again.”  -Alex Tan


4 thoughts on “Life is but a vapor

  1. What an appropriate quote. I love that picture. My eyes are being washed. We are hurting for you, and with you. Lots of love and prayers.


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