There have been somethings happening around here {in my life} that I have been wanting to post but with my MIL dying we (I) have been very busy.

I forget what all I wanted to post. Actually, I remember one thing I wanted to post and so while I’m thinking about it I will proceed with posting. 🙂


Yes, I graduated. May 10, 2011 was the ceremony. It took me 2.5 yrs to attain my expensive Associates Degree. Ha ha! When I started in Pa at HACC in 2008, I had NO idea what-so-ever I would finish walking across a stage in Texas! {Let alone be MARRIED!} At that time I was very single and dreaming big of going to school for 4 yrs and then landing my dream job at Hinkletown Mennonite School {where I had gone to school.}

Lo, an behold, getting married changes a LOT of things. [That could be a blog post sometime… the unexpected journey marriage brings… hummm… 🙂

We almost weren’t going to go (do the ceremony and all) with Jason’s mom not doing so well at the time. It was still undecided all that day. Honestly, I was secretly hoping we would go – simply to get away from, get out, de-stress ourselves from all the worrying with Jason’s mom’s health.

I hope that makes sense… I don’t want to sound like a non-caring in-law, but around that time his mom was sickly and nobody knew what to do about. We paid lots of evening visits to check in on her, anticipate her doctor visits and the results. She was loosing energy, dizzy at times and not hungry. The night before our graduation she had even thrown up. We, family, were all uneasy, unsure and worried about her because she was progressingly getting worse. Some of Jason’s sisters were pretty up tight too. I think that’s all I’ll say about that for now.

Before we left for Waco, we stopped in to see his mom. She was laying on her bed, resting and tired. We told her not to get up. Eventually she decided to get up and walk out to the table. Jason said she was a little wobbly and almost hit the dresser on her way out the door. When we left for grad Lois & Irene were there along with dad and Phil. Lois was sitting at the table beside mom reading a card for her. Jason said she had picked up the card which was full of writing on the inside and noticed she tossed it back down after being to tired to read it.

So, anyway, here are some pics from the ceremonious night!

I like this pic – pretty neat how it turned out.

I don’t think Jason had even tried it! He claims he was trying to ‘catch me’!

Hon, I’m always on the move! 😉

Say ‘Cheese!’

Me and Allie. We were in, I think, 4 classes together while I was at MCC.

And that’s all for tonight.


Tomorrow Jason and I are playing in a softball tournament in Westphalia. I was into it a first because I”m always hype about being with/meeting the local folk. And this seemed like a perfect opportunity to mingle and get to know them. As time progressed, I’m less hype and feeling like an ol’ granny and too out of shape to play! I just hope I don’t get to sunburned!

Come watch us play!


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