This morning Norma, my sis-in-law and I took in brunch to the guys at work.  They preferred to call it – breakfast.  I’m not sure why, but they had an issue with us serving them brunch.  Does it make a difference that we served the food at 9am?


Our grass is growing!  I mowed the lawn this evening.  It was exciting to watch the grass come up when hubs first planted it.  Now it growing (he’s keeping it watered – this is after all Texas) and not only is the grass taken off but the weeds as well.  Not to mention poison ivy.  Yup, I have a nice crop of it thriving nicely on my arms.   :-p

Tonight’s sunset.

Or as my one professor would always say, “the earth tilting away from the earth…”  Blah, blah.  We know that.  What’s wrong with saying it as we always have.  I think most of know what is really going on.  Though perhaps if I was 7 maybe not…

And my stool # 2 is complete 🙂
It’s a J!  Oh, happy day!
Two is better then one!  So happy they have each other.  No more lonely nights…
Black & white is different.
What do you think of my signature?  I think it’s pretty neat!   🙂
I discovered how to do it on this blog.  Check it out if your interested!

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