I like that my husband works at a hardware/parts store.  

I like that I can bike there and buy things.  

I like that he sells spray paint!

I like making things look better.

I like that I was made in God’s image and that my creator created me to re-create.

I like that as God’s creation I reflect God when I create. 

I spray painted my green bristro set black.

Black.  I made my chairs pose with a pillow.


On the front porch

Some perspective.  I don’t know why but I like this picture.

There needs to be something else with the chairs.  A flower pot?  A crate?  Something rustic?… but not Texas rustic.  Something…?  I’ll have to keep my eye open.

I didn’t paint the table.  Not sure if I’m going to.  I like the chairs on the front porch but the table is almost too much  up there.  Also the glass doesn’t come out.  I’d have to wedge newspaper in between the metal and to not get paint on the glass.  So for now it will remain single on the back patio – chairless.  😦  

I would like to re-cover the seat cushions.  Something more modern.  Sounds like a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby coming up!  Yay!  Love that store!!!

What were you created to create today- or maybe, this year?  May we help each other live in this knowledge and encourage the courage required to be a creator, and not just a consumer.  -Chris King



4 thoughts on “{Create}

  1. if the glass is smooth on your table top…spray paint very easily scrapes off with a razor blade…i actually skipped the tape and paper on the last glass project i painted.


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