wknd wardrobe & wha’not

What I wore to eat Mexican Saturday night.

My scarf/necklace thingy idea came from -not this blog but it’s the same tutorial.  I couldn’t find the exact blog anymore.

It was fun to wear once.  Not sure if I”ll wear it again.  It was kinda one of those “Oh, that’s a neat idea!”, so I try it and make and get all excited about and wear it and then on the way out to eat think that it’s the stupidest thing ever…  But then my niece who was along thought is was the coolest thing ever and so maybe, just maybe I’ll be brave and wear it again. . . . .


 Ruhamah and Caleb are around – they’re from Colorado, Minnesota, umm, maybe Texas or for all I know even Europe!

  Sunday they (or she) wanted those of us who had special dresses for their wedding to wear them.  I’m not one who is big on wearing dressy, dressy clothes but I like dressing up for special occasions and THIS one one!  It was fun to be all together again.  AND I’m super thrilled to have my dear niece-in-law back from Philadelphia again!


This blog makes me yearn ever more for a sewing machine.  Oh, how I have big ideas whilist blog surfing.

I can waste an entire morning zooming around blogs.  I feel guilty while doing it but on the other hand, I don’t have a job, school or any schedule right now so WHY NOT blog surf!  It become bad when I’m in my pj’s til 11:30, eating snacks all morning and the laundry is waiting. . .  can I get a witness?

Sometimes I think that I should make a rule – no blog reading UNTIL I have my devotions.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes not.

I need to be ok with not being busy.  This is a new season of my life (the whole married thing and having a husband support you for a change).  It’s different.  Some days I feel so utterly board, like what on earth am I doing?!  Then some days I don’t know how I’ll get it all done.  Don’t get me wrong.  Jason has nothing against me working.  But since school ended and I don’t have a job. . . I’m in a ‘wondering in the desert’ season of my life.

May God give you the grace to accept yourself where ever you are at today.


7 thoughts on “wknd wardrobe & wha’not

  1. I like the scarf; I vote for wearing it again. 🙂 I also liked the longer one in the blog you linked with the flower. I like how you try lots of new things.

    Thanks for posting the link for the signature tutorial. I want to try it….sometime. 🙂


    1. I thought that flower was cute too. . . maybe…?
      Hey, I’m super glad you got to see Duane & Luc this past wknd! 🙂
      I keep asking the husband when it’s gonna be our turn…!!


      1. It was wonderful, and yes, we would LOVE to have you guys!!! Lucy and I talked about you guys and the two of them meeting up here sometime. 🙂 I think it would be such fun to hang out with you two couples!! We’d never get done talking. 🙂


  2. I can really relate to this post!!
    I made a white scarf like that on our anniversary trip.Ya-kinda cool-kinda not when you have a baby who thinks it’s a new toy.=)
    And yes,I stay in my pj’s as long as possible-I tell myself my mind works better when I’m comfy.
    Blog surfing…um..let’s just say I’m addicted!!I guess I have more time now than I will when Kobe starts crawling…my housework suffers at times..hope my hubby doesn’t read this!!ha
    Enjoy your “lazy” days!!=)


    1. I think it’s so hard when I’ve always had a job since I was 15 and so now it’s so hard on my mind to be self motivated. I no longer have a boss or a schedule. I busier I am the more I get done usually!
      Enjoy your bundle of joy! Glad he’s growing and eating nicely for you… I was talking w/ Lilly about you last evening 🙂


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