Tuesday smiles

I am becoming more ok with making small batches of food.

It used to be that I was hesitant on firing up the ovens to making a small single batch of cookies.  Coming from a family with 6 brothers, I was used to ALWAYS making  double batches.  And by the time I would be done making them half of the cookies would be gone already.

Today I found a somewhat rotting banana on top of the microwave.  I remembered I had left it there to eat Sunday morning.  Sunday morning came and went and dear banana was left unnoticed.  Now it’s Tuesday morning and I happened to resurface that now browning banana.  (Sorry, no pics of banana.  You have to use your imagination on that one)

Flipping through a cookbook searching for banana muffins, I came across banana bread and decided to improvise.  Using only 1 banana, I whisked up a teeny batch and out came 7 doughy muffins with walnut crumbs on top!  Ummm!  Can’t you smell ‘um?  🙂

As I write I just wolfed down my second one (with butter!) and am contemplating a 3rd muffin…

Iced coffee goes quite well with muffins which makes me smile.  We are quite satisfied with iced coffee these hot June days of 100 degrees.

I smile because in my house it’s just Jason and me.  In my house 7, now 5 muffins will get eaten and not end up behind the fence out back.  I smile because I can make small batches and it’s not a waste.  If I would have made a full batch, which probably would have been 14 muffins we would have had to frozen them (which I do sometimes) or taken them to Jason’s work for others mouths to eat ( I do that sometimes too).


Here I (we) are smiling because I just had frozen yogurt.  If you ever had frozen yogurt you know what I’m talking about.

I just found this picture and felt like posting it.

We’re at a place in downtown Waco called Oso’s.

Their motto is ‘Oh So Good’ – but in O-S-O there is no ‘g’.  That frustrates me cause I don’t get it…

Click here to learn more about them and to see where I stole their logo.



Well, I”m off to pound my bread dough – which you might have spotted in my one pic…  I’m making 2 loaves and planning on giving the other loaf to Dad & Phil.  🙂


I might just have that 3rd muffin…


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