once upon the 8th of july.

So that deal for OSO’s (which I’m absolutely wild about) is no longer available. If you didn’t already buy it, you missed it!!!

Jason and I went to use ours on the night of my birthday. Our 2 froyo’s totaled $5.02 and the coupon was for $10. So we ended up just saving it for later. {Later, meaning when we have friends along and actually spend $10!} They don’t treat the coupons like gift cards- you have to use the whole thing at once. Blah!

So our night out for my birthday consisted of Olive Garden {which was a surprise until we got off the exit by the mall} Jason wouldn’t tell me where we were going and whenever I probed him about it he would just get quiet and not answer me like I was breaking some marriage code on surprises or something…

He responded the same way on the eve of my birthday when I started talking about making breakfast. Then I realized, “Oh. . . . I believe he’s got it covered! Yes, my husband the Master Egg Chef!” :). He’s so wonderful’

Ok, this picture was taken as an after-thought. The most delicious eggs ever have been devoured and only the yummy biscuits remain.

Sleepy me ready to go to work with a full belly {a rarity}

Ah, yes, the roses. You spotted them.

Huz bought for me. After counting them, I asked Jason if there was a specific reason for 10. He said, “Yes. That’s what the store had.”

I love my husband 🙂 He’s so random and unpredictable.


at the garden where we did eat olives. . .

topped with some froyo to satisfy my cravings

LOVE this place!!!

Every time I’ve been to OSO”s I’ve had good conversations.

Looking back now, I think each time they had to do with church. Odd – or is it? I don’t know. But church life has been something that’s been on my {ok, our} minds lately.

What is it about church that is so boring? So routine? Isn’t church supposed to be so much more? More fulfilling?

Is church not fulfilling enough to make me long for heaven?

Or, perhaps I’m boring? Am I not putting into it what I want out of it?

Or is it the leaders fault? Are they hiding behind the order of the service? Are they scared of one another to allow the spirit to lead out?

Do I let the spirit lead me? Not only at church but at home, with my husband or at work?

This is just some mumble-jumble from my mind at the moment. Maybe someday it will all make sense {my jumble that is} I don’t know if my questions will ever be answered.

I think it’s good to question. It shows we’re thinking, not letting others decide for us. {Confession: my husband is making me more this way. And another confession: I like it!}

May the spirit find you today where ever you are at and may you entertain him when he finds you.


4 thoughts on “once upon the 8th of july.

  1. I love your jumble of thoughts and questions and celebration of life, Jolynn… and would love to hear all of your processing and thoughts again in real life. 🙂 So glad you had a happy birthday and a wonderful husband to enjoy it and all of life with! I love seeing how blessed you are! {…and I’ve been asking some of the same questions about church… }


    1. Thanks Lauren! It was a happy day (back on the 8th as it were)
      Blessings on your unique journey as you ponder what ‘church’ really is!
      May us Millennials rise up to bring the change we long for! 🙂


  2. I love “seeing” your marriage. You guys are one of my favorite couples to observe and learn from.
    And your thoughts on church. . . Lets block out a LARGE CHUNK OF TIME when we come down in September. It’s time to get some of this figured out. . . Or. . . maybe just stir up more confusion?


    1. Looking forward to talking, pondering, wondering, imagining, and discovering what church life is like with you guys!
      I’m glad you can ‘see’ stuff to learn from in us… I don’t always feel observe worthy! 🙂 Hopefully it’s my mistakes that are worth the education!
      Don’t forget how much you guys have blessed us back!
      Cheers to the journey!


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