I like this -because we don’t have a bedroom suit and I”m on the look out for ideas for a headboard…

or could I make this headboard?  Oh, and just how difficult would it be to get me a wall like this stenciled one?

I like  this cute pillow made from a coffee sack that I saw here and a bizillion other cool ideas you could do with burlap {and then my house would be cute{r}!

I wish I had a room like this where the creative juices could flow and I would make all kinds of neat things and gifts and when I was finished I could simply close the door…

I wish I had a room like this {especially with water in the background} then I would be inspired to do my devotions and talk with God every morning, afternoon and evening.  {RIGHT!?}

I would love to sit on this sofa/swing 🙂 {in my house} with you and we would talk and laugh and have good, pleasant conversation.

I like this idea of taking a long sleeved shirt and making this cute ruffle doo-dad thingy and then I would have nice{er} clothing.  {as if that’s what matters…}

Looking and longing for more…  much more then what I have!


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