Another ‘Red Dot’ Post

Red dots on maps mean what?  They tell you were you are at.  So that’s exactly what this post is about; what’s popping down Hackberry Ave.

Last night the staff for Promises615 Girls Camp was over at my place for an evening of answering questions, finalize ideas and iron out the final wrinkles… though there are still plenty of wrinkles felt on my end of things.  
Being a camp pastor and speaking to girls age range 8-15 is quite hard to target everybody.

My good friend, Denise is helping carry the heavy load of spearheading the planning.  We spent countless hours together and alone working on schedule, developing featured clubs, going over finances, and dreaming up chapels.

It’s going to be an exciting first year!  Everyone, staff & campers, I believe, are anxiously awaiting what camp will be like.  The campers, girls from 3 different Mennonite church in the surrounding area, have never been to camp are ecstatic for their first ever experience at a camp!  Almost all of our staff except for me and one other girl have done this before.  Our first year is feeling rather raw!

If you think about it, whisper a prayer for us as we slide into our last week of preparation and
then hit the jam packed 3 days of CAMP!  
Our desire is that our first year be a success in many different ways to encourage more campers for the next year!

 Keep up the enthusiastic, hard work, Sarah, Rosalie, Della, Gina, Faye, Ez, Greta and Karena!  Camp could not become a reality with you ladies and all your ideas!  🙂

My perch lately:

I am so ready for camp to get here {Aug 9-11}.  We all spent a lot of hard work, energy and time and we are ready for ACTION!!!


Would love to paint a room in my house like this.  LOVE the strip idea!

And then there’s more cute walls…

Royal Design Studios stencils

~ Back to headboards

Cute {easy} idea?

potter barn inspired duvet tutorial

Humm… anther headboard idea?

Vestavia Hills House


My brother, Jared, has been a true example of learning, dedication and practice.  He recently started a website displaying his accomplishments with his camera.

So I decided to mess around with the camera {on the farm} one day. . .

That’s all for now!  This afternoon Janessa, maybe husband and I are off to Waco to watch Dorthy from Church compete in States swimming competition!  “GO DORTHY!!!”  {Can’t you hear us already?!}

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