A quote from God:

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9

Ready for Promises615 Girls Camps 2011!

Anticipation is half the fun.  Imagine never having to wait for anything.  Birthdays are always fun to anticipate.  Christmas… Oh, we love looking forward to that special holiday!  But it’s the waiting that makes it so much fun!  Up until the moment, during that waiting period, it is constantly on our minds!

Part of the thrill of doing it {that very anticipated event} is looking ahead, waiting and wondering wide eyed.  That’s me right now {especially with the wide eyed part}…  I never planned such an big multi-people, maga organizing event.  Sometimes my eyes are nearly popping out of my head with all that needs to be done to make camp a success.

What will camp be like?  What will all happen this first year?  What stories, happy, sad or strange, will we have to tell!  I’m sure after it’s all over there will be great laughs to share, silly mistakes pointed out, lessons learned & coulda, shoulda stuff, you know. . . but that will be when it’s all done.

Right now though, I am so anticipating my dream for girls camp!  At times I have become weary in my well doing… but now, all I can say is:



4 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Your dreams are coming true before your eyes! So happy for you! I’ll be thinking of you as you tie up all the loose ends and then step into camp! I know there will be many girls whose lives will be changed because of your love and passion.


  2. yay!! excited for you and wishing I were there to see it happen too! =) Next year maybe…when you’re all professional at running this camp thing. 😉 Hope it goes really awesome for ya!


  3. Jolynn, I’m excited for you. I believe that God has called you to this task and therefore you have what it takes to boldy enter the week. Blessings, my friend. Would love to be there.


  4. So happy you are living out a dream and pursuing God’s heart for his children.
    He has great things in store for you. He is walking close beside you. Love you and your passion!


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