Down in Bastrop.

 Hearing the announcement while sitting in church one night sparked the interest.  They were asking for volunteers to help clean up from the fires in Bastrop.  September 19 & 20, found Jason & I doing just that.  Christian Aid Ministries had set up a Rapid Response Post in Elgin, about 15 min away from the destruction sit(s).

It was a neat thing to be a part of.  Never before had I helped in disaster areas.

It was a neat thing for me to witness – my husband.  Being married not quite a year, I was excited to add this to our slowly pilling up adventures together.  I was excited to see my husband in this role.

He made me proud.  🙂

 I love his scars.

I love {even more} his heart. ❤

I wasn’t sure going into that Monday morning what all I’d be committing myself to because they weren’t 100% sure over the phone that I’d be kitchen help the first day.  6AM found me leaving the house dressed in my old paint clothes prepared to do some physical labor along side my husband.  When we got there they decided they did need me after all to help make food.  I felt relieved because food and kitchens are something I’m familiar with unlike fire cleanup… though I wouldn’t have minded giving it a crack!  🙂

Both days I was able to take out fresh food to the properties where Jason along with several other guys were assigned to work.

The first day they were at a lot that had a completely burned down double wide trailer.  And the second day they cleaned up a brick house that also was completely lost.  When I came out with lunch the second day, the lady that lived there happened to arrive in hopes of finding some of her possessions.  Possessions such as her wedding ring & some gold.

As I was talking with them they were able to sieve out several other rings from her children but no wedding ring.   She had mentioned to me that are relocated and settling in at a new place.  I felt relieved for them.  They are not homeless.  How devastating to lose your house and possessions – even your high dollar wedding ring and bag o’ gold!

 I felt sorry for her, but at the same time I found myself wondering what really matters here?. . . .  {more to come}


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