1 post a day.


Yup, here we go!

I’ve decided to take on the ‘write a post for every day for October’ challenge.


One word: October.

I can’t believe it’s been a year. Where did the time go? One year of wedded { bliss } [Don’t go thinking we’re perfect now, cause we most definitely are not! We have fireworks too! J]

October was the beginning of learning to live together. Yes, marriage involves learning. It doesn’t’ come naturally. Sometime in October was also when we sat beside each other at Sight and Sound Theater nervously keen to what the other was thinking because the seed was already planted, interest was budding and little did we know that the performance of Ruth was a catalyst to our nuptials. October marks the starting line for us and we presently earned a complete lap. One year was like a goal. October 2012 was anticipated… will we survive? Well, I’m pleased to announce, after one long, wonderfully hurtful, romantically complicated, and satisfyingly tough year we are WAY, WAY, MUCH MORE IN LOVE than ever before!

Love is perhaps the greatest mystery of all time.


Cheers to October!



I can tell already I’m gonna love our anniversary season/time of the year. It’s perfect off season for the beach. And for the future, I’m sure there are fairs and harvest parades and fall festivals to steal away to (they just need to be discovered in this foreign land)! But, this year, this very first year, folks, we are headed south! Woo-hoo!

More to come later!. . .



October is going to be an amazing month ya’ll!

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