On 03 a year ago…

This pic was taken was Sunday, the day after “I do”.

Don’t we look madly in love?

Wow, Jason wore that exact same shirt this wknd and I packed that same charcoal sweater but never wore it except I used it for added warmth on the chilly drive home to keep the driver awake.

Wow. I feel like I can’t stop saying wow.

I just wanna look into that girls eyes and wonder what in the world she was thinking. That girl had no idea what she was getting herself into one year ago. She had no idea how the next year was going play out and dance across the stage. That girl had no idea how she was even going to perform as a newlywed!

It is true that we think of ourselves as better individuals then we actually really, really are.

Yes, that first year was rough. And it was tough. There were hard times and then really hard times. Let’s just say that things that happen now don’t freak me out as much as they used to. Jason can say something today that a year ago would have made my blood boil and produced an unnecessary little drama which in the moment felt so right.

I was afraid to change… yet I wanted it.

I never had to change… I was always nice enough before.

Marriage has a way of exposing all my inadequacies… which I have many.


{ Lil’ Brownie Point Story }

I had an encouraging little moment with a friend the other day when she asked me how I changed over the past year being married. I just knew I had but it took me a little while to recall a specific area. When I did come out with a story she smiled and said, “Yeah, your right. You have changed in that area. I can so see that!”

I’m changing; by the Grace of God! And, boy it can be painful!


One year later – bliss!

And Jason’s every bit of …




{Yes, that’s my lil ol’ Jetta mobile on the beach!!}





I love you, Jason Friesen!


5 thoughts on “On 03 a year ago…

  1. Very nice post. It is such a blessing when we are given confirmation that we are indeed changing, isn’t it? Congratulations on your first year of married life!



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