Day 4

Well, I just thought I’d let ya’ll know that I’m linking up with Nesting Place during this 31 day challenge. You can click over there to see a gazillion other people who are also crazy challenge taker-oners! 🙂


The Theme for the next month will be pretty much whatever – hence my little button phrase ‘dancing freestyle’.

If you ever watched Dancing with the Stars, you know that one of the dances for the competition is the freestyle. It’s when couples can make up whatever they want . . . or shall we say, think on their feet? 🙂 Usually the dance that comes out is the one they are most comfortable doing. It’s their time to shine with what comes naturally and most freely.

I’m not sure what comes most naturally and freely for me. You see, the person you read about on this blog isn’t necessarily the real me if you were to meet me. It’s who you perceive me to be. Ya’ll don’t see every side of me on here (thankfully). But you do see what come naturally and most freely for me to write about, which is my melancholy/thoughtful side (which is very, oh, very small). See, I’m sanguine/choleric. Therefore, my blog only shows a teeny-weeny side of me. {Maybe the side I wish I was more of…} Sanguines are known for disliking their sanguiness. I can testify to shhh-ing myself more then once.

So, I too, am interested in what my freestyle will look like 🙂

ANYWAY, that was a long bunny trail. . . . . .

The Nester Lady suggested to write an outline for the next 31 days to help blog and also to avoid the “Man, what should I write about today” slump (which I’m sure is bound to happen.)

So we shall see how it goeth.

For now, I”m gonna wing risk it. After all it’s what I do best! ! !

{ Can’t always hide that crazy sanguine side! }

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