piano + me = musical dreams


Ever since I was a little girl, I loved pianos.

I wished so bad I could have a piano and learn to play.

I would watch people who could play and dream of some day sitting on a bench and having my hands own the keys too.

When I was 12ish we bought a piano at an auction.

I was thrilled!

The piano was beautiful!

I was in love!


My dreams were coming true!

I played all through middle school and into 9th grade.

3 years.  Then stopped.


 I love music.  I connect with music; lyrics.

Songs can say things better than I can.  I’m not a talker or storyteller.  Maybe that’s why I prefer a keyboard.  Both laptop kind and piano kind.

It can be hard for me to organize my thoughts and dictate them well.

Somehow writing them down helps.

When I was younger I used to write songs.

Actually my brother, Jeremy and my cousin, Violet and I had great expectations of starting a singing group when we got big.  Our hit song we wrote was “Love Jesus Christ with All Your Heart.”

I can still sing it to you today. 🙂

Music just draws me in; into worship; stirs passion.

It’s a release for me.  A way to express myself.  I’m one of those people who has a song that fits the moment.  Ask my husband.  Random times I burst into song that relates to something he just said.


 I wish I had more time to play these days.

Jason got me a piano/keyboard for Christmas 2 years ago and ever since then I had wanted to take lessons again; to brush up.


The keyboard just sits there.


Full of potiental.

Lacking the musician.

Someday. . .


2 thoughts on “piano + me = musical dreams

  1. Wow…I didn’t realize you were this much into music–even writing songs! Go for it! Bring your piano/music skills to life again!


  2. I love music too, but you already knew that! I have the problem that when I go to play piano, I have two little helpers. It doesn’t work to play with someone sitting on either side of you or in your lap, so I rarely play anymore either. Sometimes I just wish I could have an hour or two of uniterrupted time at my piano! =) I don’t see that happening for several years. Funny you mention about the song for most ocassions, but not that long ago, I was somewhere working with some people or something and for just about everything that happened or was talked about I had this song that would fit right with the situation. I probably drove the people nuts, because they did comment on all the songs. I enjoy reading your posts, sometimes I just don’t have the time to leave you a comment!


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