wanting nothing?

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The LORD is my Shepard. I shall not want…

We all are familiar with this passage.

We learned it in school as little tikes.

But have you ever stopped to listen to the words?

Have you ever thought about it being possible? – the not wanting part?


What does it feel like to be in a position to ‘want’ nothing?

If the Lord truly is my shepard, then why do I still find myself wanting?

I started this post and then shelfed it because I wasn’t sure what to do with this thought.  I honestly didn’t know what to make of the Bible telling me that I shall not want.  It contradicted my life.  It contradicts how I feel sometimes.

I noticed a referenced verse in the side bar for Philippians 4:19 which says:

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ. Jesus.

In reading ahead a little I began to get the picture that God was telling me that not wanting is equivalent to being content.

Oh, boy!  I”m not in the mood to discuss contentment right now.  I really have no answers for being content or how to get it and especially how to keep it.     { Contentment and me don’t always mesh. }  It’s hard for me to find contentment. . . usually.  There are so many things that I want and long for and wish that I had.

And now I just talked myself in a complete circle.  I’m back to the first verse and God telling me I shall not want… provided God is my Shepard.  I wonder if the key is to find God, daily, hourly, as my Shepard and in that moment of finding God, I won’t be wanting.  When I acknowledge God as my Shepard that I need in my life and find my value in him contentment can’t help but creep in my heart.

I’m just a girl on a dance floor.  Learning those hard dances.  I don’t have faith like most.  I try to follow Christ and do my best at this Christianity stuff.  I stumble often and fall and trip.  I might know a little.  But I don’t have it together.  Hopefully my mess encourages you in your mess today.

In your dance of today may you be found wanting… wanting something larger then this life.  May you realize that today you want the Shepard.

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2 thoughts on “wanting nothing?

  1. I just wanted to comment for clarity’s sake… I am a Christian. I did make the commitment when I was a wee 8 year old.
    But, the journey has it’s ups and downs. Being a Christian, I’m finding is more like a daily choice than a once and done commitment. Being human we are prone to sheep like characteristics – wondering!
    So I hope that makes sense!
    If you have any questions or comments feel free do leave a comment!


  2. I’ve never read this passage in the same way since hearing Joe Mullet explaing some of the culture. In David’s land, “green pastures” didn’t mean lush green fields that I had always picture. They were lands that were barren and brown, where the grass was so delicate that it withered in the hot sun. In the morning there was dew that would supply/revive just enough grass for one day–I pictured it as little tufts of grass in a barren land. (I hope these facts are correct. I have a bad memory and tend to jumble things, but this is the concept I remember) :). It left me with the same impression as what you mentioned–wanting nothing not meaning everything provided and perfectly laid out for my future, but having my needs met by Him today in this hour. Being satisfied that His care today is enough. Thanks for the reminder.


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