first official ‘wiww’ post

First ever

What I wore Wednesday post!  



That song You’re So Vain {click to listen} is just running through my head right now.

But, alas, for the love of blogs and give-a-ways and just needing something to write about… I’m doing my first ‘What I Wore Wednesday’ post.

So, I am linking up with the Pleated Poppy.  Check it out for more crazy fashion posters such as myself!

pleated poppy

The following outfits are just random ones I found on my computer that I liked.  The first one is actually what I”m wearing today.


  • SweaterCostco (in Lanc, Pa.  It’s like a Sams all you Texans)
  • Tank: Maurices
  • Skirt: CJ Banks
  • Flops: somewhere cheep!

  • pink sweater: Wal-Mart
  • flower dress: Amelia’s Fashion Exchange (used clothing store in Waco I discovered with some friends)
  • white tank worn backwards for modesty: Ross or Marshals
  • flowers: made them
  • flops: Wal-Mart (years ago)
(grainy because it’s zoomed to see the flower pin & shirt ruffles)
  • beige shirt w/ hard to see ruffles on R shoulder: goodwill!
  • tank: Ross or Marshals
  • white skirt: CJ Banks
  • scarf w/ flower clip: Spice Village (in Waco)
  • White shirt: Ross or Marshals
  • grey tank w/ flower border around front neck line: goodwill
  • belt: came w/ a skirt I bought in NYC like 4 yrs ago
  • skirt: goodwill
  • man: found him at a wedding in Pa!!! 🙂
That’s all folks!
Tomorrow I’ll probably look back over this post and be like NEVER AGAIN!  I can’t believe I just did this!!!

5 thoughts on “first official ‘wiww’ post

  1. Oh, I hope you do it again. Such fun. I definitely wouldn’t want to do a WIWW post of me today. It’s a rainy day outside and I’m just at home today catching up on cleaning, studying, finances, etc. Comfort is priority for me today.


    1. Oh, I don’t know, Lucy, if I’ll do it again… we’ll see.
      Happy for you that you’re cleaning (and studying?) and doing finances. I’m sorta doing the same today except for the studying part… Jason’s home and so it feels like a Saturday, but the kind of Saturday like when I was living at home because he’s working on his jeep just like my dad used to work on his truck… so, anyway, cheers to getting stuff done today!


  2. I like the post, too! I don’t know why we love these posts so much from other people, but feel vain posting them about ourselves. I’m glad you were brave enough to do it! Cute clothes–I especially like the way you put together #3


    1. Oh, I know! I just love when others post their outfits too! I like when I just happen to have pics of me in nice cloths instead of me posing for the camera just for the blog… now, that feels more vain then just circumstantial pics. . . .


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