some good glasses

. . . This post was supposed to be Day 16 . . .

But my site got flagged by spam and deactivated for a day.  Well, today it is up and running.  One day in this series gone and never to be seen or relived again.  (Opps!  Guess my post got posted on Sunday after all!)


I often think of perception as how you see things.  I also think of it as the glasses you wear in your interpretation of life.  I’m guilty of seeing things through rose colored glasses {everything’s wonderful/possible/livable/attainable/do-able, dot, dot, dot} frequently.

In dealing with cross gender relationships it can be referred to it as pink and blue glasses as originally penned by Emerson.  Men see things through their blue glasses and woman through their pink ones. In other words, we don’t see things the same way.  Which, those married or those having parents can testify that men and woman don’t always see things the same, dot, dot, dot!

Recently, Jason, the blue wearing glasses person in our house, showed me a quote from Larry Crabb in his book, 66 Love Letters.  After I read it, I was like, “Now that’s some good perspective!”

So, I”d like to offer that perspective to you 🙂

God says, the road to life is rough. You will begin every new adventure in life with naïve hope and excitement. Every wedding will begin with passion then move into problems. (yes!) Every decorated nursery will receive a baby that will present unanticipated challenges. (I’m sure!) Every church plant, every new ministry, every small group that starts with happy hopes-everything you do, no matter how well organized and well intentioned-will run into trouble.(Really?  Oh, bummer.)

The road to life will expose you to terrible failure and crushing conflict (ouch!). But only that road leads to the life you want, the life I give you. Spiritual leaders who teach that I am here to solve your problems and make your lives comfortable and prosperous underestimate the energy (I’m not here to be comfortable?) (and badly misunderstand the nature) of unholiness in the human heart that I must severely deal with to get you to My party.

And that underestimation leads them to underestimate the severity of My love. (what more could God’s love be like/feel like in my life?)  My servant C. S. Lewis got it right: I’m not safe, but I am good. I will not coddle you any more than a good surgeon only hugs a cancer-stricken child. I will not coddle you, but I will purify you.(makes me feel secure & safe) And that takes more, not less, than a hug.

Leaves me feeling like I really don’t know God, dot, dot, dot.

What are you expecting from God today?

How are you perceiving God today?

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