Hello blog-readin’ world!

Today is another edition of What I Wore Wednesday


This outfit I actually am wearing today (tho with a different sweater for around the house).  I meet with some ladies this morning (pic 1) and of course there was coffee and yummy pumpkin bars involved from yours truly!  Then I went shopping, hence the sneakers look.  Pic 2 is me now (in my socks!).

Looking at the pics, I think I prefer #2 better.  I love long sweaters but I think the color combination is to contrasting.  The grey is a little bit more in the color scheme.

  • blue shirt – Kohl’s
  • white sweater – Costco
  • grey sweater – Goodwill
  • skirt – CJ Banks
  • scarf – Wal-mart
Outfit #2

  • shirt & cami  – Kohl’s
  • scarf & flower clip – Spice (in Waco)
  • skirt – Goodwill (Cato tags)
  • shoes (in 1st pic) – Bridesmaid gift (Kohl’s)
  • shoes #2 – Payless
Happy Fall Y'all!

3 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. hey jolynn, im loving your wiww posts. i am so glad you are brave enough to do this. i keep really wanting to start posting some pictures of what i wear but im not brave enough. still scared of what people will think. 😦 yeah i know.


  2. Thanks, Laura!
    I know what you mean about posting what you wear… I’m sure some look on with sarcasm and strong opinions about my lack of fashion or too much fashion. But from the bottom of my heart I know I’m modest; I just might not draw my line where others do. Because I love looking at clothes I know others must to so I know some (like you) enjoy it!
    Hopefully you will get brave enough some day!


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