How ’bout them Rangers y’all?!!

Post Veinte!


Ok so I”m not a big baseball fan.  But I grew up with brothers.  Lots of brothers.  6 to be exact.  And they did baseball.  All my grewing up years have been infiltrated with bats and balls and winning.

I remember going to baseball games and baseball games and more baseball games.

In fact it was at one of a fore mentioned games that I learned how to do cartwheels.  I got really good at them too because she & I were at so many games and were able to practice together.  What fun I had learning how to bounce and spin all around barefoot in the soft, green grass (so UNlike Texas.  Texas has NO idea what soft grass is like!).  I”ll never forget that.  She was younger than me though & I forget her name.    I’m so grateful that she took time to teach me. . .   *Sigh*. . . happy memories.

The boys used to play APPA  Do any of you even know what that is?  Seriously?!  It’s a card game of baseball.  I think they rolled a dice to determine if you got a single, double, walk and so on. I never played with the boys but I remember hanging out with them while they had animated battles against each other. . . .

I also remember listening on the radio to lots of Philadelphia Phillies games.  I remember names thrown around such as… Lenny Dykstra, Micky Morandinii, Nolan Ryan, John Kruk and various others.  You all probably have no idea of who I am babbling on about.  This was so the 90’s!

I remember lighting bugs, smells of freshly mowed grass and sunsets while playing outside on my g-ma’s deck.  See my single uncle, Dave, had his radio and g-ma would make ‘um all get quiet so as to not miss a play and she, my mom, and my brothers tuned, ears plugged in to them there Philies – though me, not so much.  I remember playing.  (Probably catching lightening bugs or doing more cartwheels…)

Now I live in Texas.

Now, we cheer for the other red team.

Now I hear about the Rangers.

And, now they are in the world series!

I can’t help but get excited!



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