Pretty Pumpkins

It’s Friday, y’all!

Post 21 in this 31 day challenge!


So in love with Fall this year.  I’m just smitten with this cooler weather!  Jason and I have been taking more walks in the evenings.  I love the freshness & energy it brings.  I feel more alive and like myself – full of ideas and dreams and … yup, my brain is spinning!!

Here’s my love list with fall…

  1. crispness in the air
  2. open windows
  3. sweaters!
  4. lattes & other yummy hot beverages
  5. pretty pumpkins
  6. my pink Slippers (when I can find them)
  7. birds flying south
  8. soup{s}
  9. What am I missing??? ____________________
My friend Carla is getting married this fall- next month to be exact!  And I mentioned to her the neat idea of painting pumpkins white for decor.
So, since I’m pitching in to help with her wedding I thought I’d do a demo to show her {and also for me to enjoy! } and now y’all
Actually she hasn’t seen them yet so, dear readers, you guys are first!



{Involved – spray paint and tape}

{ Having too much fun with the camera and pretty pumpkins!! }

That’s all folks!

Seize this lovely autumn day!!!

8 thoughts on “Pretty Pumpkins

  1. Ooooh…lovely!!! you could even paint the stems black if you wanted them to look classier, or stencil initials and curlicues on the sides 😀 You creative-ness astounds me, Miss Jolynn!! 😀


    1. Thanks Renny! Never thought of the black stem idea… I actually did stencil a ‘Z’ on the one for Carla but did want anyone to see it before she does 🙂
      Looking forward to this wknd w/ everyone!


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