Church Camping

Day 23 out of 31!

{the end is drawling near!}


Camping at Fort Parker with the church peoples!

It was a good wknd in deed 🙂

  • Lots of blue skies.

{ Minus loud, bright, scary thunderstorm at 4am… }

  • Hiking with my girlies.  This is Brittany.

She is smart.  She knows what the shape of Texas looks like.

Brittany found this Texas resembling stump.

{ I like that Brittany! }

  • Fascinating grave yards…

  • Wild, exploratory biking with my girlies.

  • Grapes growing on the vine.

  • husband bikes too!  Here he is leading the pack!

“Way to go my man!”

  • water breaks
  • camping minus the campfire.
{ I just need to add the food this wknd was Amazing with a capitol A }
  • games.  Monopoly deal was the game of the wknd.
{Tobiah caught in one of his not so finer moments.  I believe he was leaving the ladies to assist in a pumping raft ordeal. }
  • Kidos play games too.
  • Kidos plot like big people

  • And then we packed up and went home to watch the Cowboys.
That’s all folks!

5 thoughts on “Church Camping

  1. Jolynn,
    It’s been so neat to follow your blog… thank you for sharing. I knew I had to comment tonight when I saw my dear lil’ cousin Brittany (and the rest). 🙂 Thanks for loving them – I know they love you too. 🙂 Canada is just too far from Texas so many times. 😉 God’s blessings and grace to you! love, Regina


  2. Thanks for your comment! I love to hear from my readers!
    I love your cousins! I used to live beside them and they are the dearest and most beautiful girls!
    Canada is far!!! So is Pa (where my family lives)!


    1. I should be personally emailing you… since here I suddenly fill your commenting space. 😉 And yes, you were the dear soul who gave her beautiful house ( I remember being inspired) to be used for bed space when Conrad’s hosted our family gathering! 🙂 I thought of you… and I hope your home wasn’t too damaged and different afterward. Thank you.
      I identify with you – my heart is torn between home (here) and my family and loved ones so far away. But oh, there’s so many blessings to count tho’, so I delight in the gifts of God. An everyday challenge to me. 🙂


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