Pumpkins, Jared & sleeping

Post 25!


I’ve been thinking about pumpkin carvings.

I’ve been thinking about doing one sometime.  {Just can’t squelch that kid in me!}

I remember doing that as a kid.

Allow me to share some google cutness!

Who says carved pumpkins have to be scary faces??!!

May you be inspired as you scroll. . .


I wanna give a shout out to my brother Jared.

He is amazing.  He is in 11th grade.

He, Jared, loves mother dear’s camera.

Check him (or his handy work) out here!


Excited about sleeping in tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Pumpkins, Jared & sleeping

  1. Thanks mom.
    OH, and by the way, just the other day I was showing Jason the pics we took when you were down here… you, know, the ones where you click 3 x’s and it pieces the panoramic shot together…
    Your camera is pretty neat! That’s a fact!!!


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