guilty pleasure

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– in this ‘a-post-a-day‘ challenge for October!

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Forgot to put a link in here to Karena’s blog from yesterdays posting…

Check her out HERE


Guilty Pleasure = Blog surffing.  

I have this google reader where I save all my favorite blogs- maybe you do to.  About 2 or 3 times a week I’ll sit down and cruse around lookin and liking and lustin after all thise cool DIY things, neat decor ideas, yummy looking recipes… photography ideas and the list goes on and on.
Every once and while Jason will look over my shoulder and be like, “Who’s that?”  And I used say, “I don’t know.”
Now, when he asks, I actually will try to describe who they are.  I have a handful of them that I’ve been following and feel like I sorta know them by now.   
Love this virtual world we live in!
Here are some of my favorites I thought I’d share with you for your clicking and viewing pleasures 🙂

The Inspired Room



{good times never seem sew good}

Lisa Leonard Designs

My *PINK* Life

Nesting Place

 Home Stories A 2 Z


 The Pleated Poppy

Now, some cuteness I found and wanted to share/inspire from over at

Fall Heaven!

paint colors on our furniture

Check this out at The Nesting Place.  Absolutely adore the candle sticks.  Enter comment to win!  (I did!)

Love these beauties from Home Stories A2Z

And if I had a mantle it might look something like this:

autumn mantel, mantle, mantel ideas

fall mantle

And I’ve been thirsting after some Hot Apple Cider lately.  Would like to try this from The Inspired Room!  Click the pic for the recipe!

I hope I left ya’ll inspired!

S e i z e t h e D a y !

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