it’s a convertible life

Post 30

{ One more day!!! }

Lovely Sunday to you all!


What can I say, it’s been a wknd for me and convertibles!  Not pictured is me in a Fantastic red mustang (yesterday).  Whoa, baby, it was so awesome to ride all the way home from girls day shopping with the top rolled down.  When I later drove home in my car something felt wrong, stuffy, dead, still.  All my jetta-mobile offers in a sunroof – which I promptly opened as I zoomed home.  How invigorating it feels to cruse down the road with the sun shining down on me and wind blowing past me. This wknd has me struggling with contentment.  

Below is me and my friend with benefits, ha ha, today!  The car’s not hers… but I was able to have her give me a ride.  Convertible ride number 2 for the wknd.  I am loving the rides of the times!

Convertible + good friend + AWESOMELY WONDERFUL weather = smiles by miles!

Wishing you all the ride of you life today!


2 thoughts on “it’s a convertible life

    1. Well, not sure about stopping the blogging in one more day. I know for sure it will be nice to not have to think of something to post for EVERY SINGLE DAY. I still have some more posts rolling around in my head… so they won’t stop for a while. But, I’m not promising this every day posting 🙂
      Glad for the readers.
      Looking forward to NEXT WKND!!!


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