31 days of dancing freestyle :: Grand Potato Finale

     This is my last post in this 31 day challenge!

I tried to think of a neat and special way to wrap this challenge up.  I tried to think of neat pics to post or something funny to share.  I tried to think of something catchy and witty that would leave a lasting impression.

I tried to think while I:

did the laundry

peeled potatoes

made soup for super

brewed some tea

hung out said laundry

put next load over

made bed

ate cheerios

sipped coffee

cleaned out fridge

said a prayer for some friends flying to Africa today

baked bacon {and sampled}

. . . . .

. . . . .

Alas, nothing was coming to mind.  It’s rather difficult to conclude something that had no main theme or connecting feature.  Every post was rather random.  Some of them wove together like the food ones and the what I wore ones, but others were haphazard and helter-skelter, slap-dash and scattered {I used the thesaurus for those words, hee, hee}  It has been fun posting every day; some days not so fun.  I found the the more I posted the easier it became to think of other posts.  So, I still have some posts circulating in my brain that I want to get out yet.  I think this posting will slow down but hopefully won’t go back to once every other week or whatever I was popping out before October.

No inspiration for a wow-sers closing but a simple thank you for reading everyone.

I do want to share with you a video I came across today on facebook by Crock Pot Girls.  {You can like them if you want good & easy crock pot recipes}  How did they know today I was planning potato soup too?  And their recipe is so close to the one I was doing.  It made me happy.

Enjoy and may you be inspired in the kitchen today!

2 thoughts on “31 days of dancing freestyle :: Grand Potato Finale

    1. Let me know how it went!
      I made enough and had Dad & Phil over too. Pete ended up bringing BBQ’d turkey legs- and I’ve never seen them this big before and come to think of it, I don’t even remember seeing them at all! They were good and a perfect add on to the soup!


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