*100* posts celebration!

Today is my 100th post!

Wow, I have not posted in 2 days.  And yet, I feel like I should still be posting.  It feels strange to not have to run home from work and focus on posting; to repeatedly scrounge up the camera to take pics of food, or clothes or projects and to reach up and grab, ground and organize some circulating thoughts.  Yes, this all has been fun though but the break was warmly welcomed.  I do hope to continue posting regularly, folks…. 🙂

I was so looking forward to October.  There were so many things to look forward to and that were celebrated…

  • First Year Anniversary
  • Weather changing – getting a bit chilly
  • Glint of hope for a(nother) new job
  • Church camping
  • and just LIFE!


I have a lot to look forward to celebrating in November!

 I’m just that kind of girl.  Always excited about something!!!  There’s almost always something brewin’ on my burners!  

I”m not gonna list the future for y’all.  Sorry!  (Maybe I’ll post it for ya after it’s history.)

So, stay connected!

~ ~ ~

Today, I would like to share a ‘guest-post’ from my friend, Teresa.

She is a talented writer {whom I think should write a book someday} who keeps a blog here.

She is excellent with a pen and a camera and a true friend!  I just like her a whole lot!  She has a gift of seeing the what really matters in each and every situation.  She values relationship to the highest regard and will fight for it with honor.  Like I said, I just like my Teresa friend. 🙂

I have, with her permission, a short story that she wrote.  It truly captures a joy to celebrate!  Read on, if you are courious as to what becomes celebrated in this inspiring vinette into a womans joy.


A Beautiful Gift of Encouragement

It’s about 10:30 am in the office at this particular foster care agency where I’m employed. A tall, hefty woman arrives at the doorstep and we welcome her in. She has something pressing; you can feel it in her presence. She can barely get the words out. “Ummm”…she says.

“Who is the Lady that sits at the desk, right there?”  She points to the desk directly in front of all of us. We said, Judy, the secretary that normally sits there. She said, No, it’s someone else. She shifted around anxiously. I was so puzzled at this point to know what she wanted to say.

We said, “Is it Mary? She was the secretary just recently and she no longer works here.”

 She said, “No longer works here?  Oh, but that couldn’t be. It is Mary!”

“Yes, it is her!”

She continued to tell us how she shared a secret with Mary one day when she delivered pizza’s for the office. The secret was that she had put her daughter up for adoption when she was little and wanted to reconnect with her right now or sometime in her life. She wanted to find her. That was the deep desire of her heart. She wanted to tell Mary that the most exciting moment of her life just happened about a month ago. She found her daughter and her little ones on Adoptions.com and Facebook.

She screeched out. “I am a Mom/Mom!!”

 Her sense of delight and tears filled the room. We sat there in amazement at her and this wonderful news. We rejoiced with her. She said, as soon as I get some time off I am headed to Texas on the nearest flight.

She continued to tell us how Mary encouraged her to keep trying and to not give up. You never know where it could end up. She said she drives past the office almost every day. Today she just had to come in and share this news. She thanked all of us for listening, blessed us, and was soon out the door with a tear trickling down her cheek.

It left me thinking about encouragement and how powerful it is. God uses our encouraging words to stir desire and passion. . It brings hearts, stories, and lives together in God’s timing and way. I don’t know about her relationship with Jesus but I sensed an urgency of prayer too in all this.

A prayer, I believed that she prayed from the core of her heart and soul. Jesus heard that payer. He hears all of our prayers, all our desires, all our fears, all of our joys and sorrows.  No matter how much Satan distorts. God can redeem that much greater.

~ ~ ~
Leave Teresa a comment if this story truly touched you!
And be sure to stop by her blog to see more of the beauty she creates!

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