on da dance floor

Having not blogged in a while stirs me to write again.  There’s music within that needs releasing.  A fire inside that needs fueled.  An oven that waves to get warming.  A dance that beckons rehearsal.

I’m wondering how did I do it for 31 days?  How did I come up with posts?  Today my mind whirls with to-do lists, wedding planning (for dear a friend), work schedule and taking care of my husband.


Plain and simple.  Just life.  It’s what keeps me dancing and from writing.

Walk with me, if you like, onto my dance floor today.  May you be inspired or just connect with the things that fill my mind and footsteps; the things that I am calling life these quick-step November days.

1.  First and foremost the music for this dance PANDORA.  It has become my daily obsession.

Music streaming from my speakers:Pandora App

– Various Celtic Artists  (I have a Celtic station)
– Hillsong
– Matt Redman
– Smity (Michael W.)
– Christy Nockels
– Laura Story
– Jars of Clay
– Mark Harris
Care to share any of your favorites?
2.  The manual for this dance:
“Understanding Who You Are” by Dr. Larry Crabb.  I currently have my
image description nose buried in this booklet.  It’s got me thinking about living life as a victim verses an agent and which of those 2 do I live from…  Good stuff to think about.
Victim defined as: vulnerable to hurt, damaged by life; appeals to our power to assist healing.
Agents defined as: capable of courageously asserting ourselves to overcome the damage inflicted on us by others and to rise about our identity as victims through Christ’s strength.
Care to share any thoughts?
3.  What’s Crockin’ round here?
BBQ Chicken, that’s what!
 I invented my own recipe (well, sorta, wink-wink).  I used a BBQ Sauce I found in the Weavertown School Cookbook for chicken BBQ.  Made the whole recipe (which was a lot more than necessary) dumped it in the crock pot with my pulled chicken.  Turned the crocker on low and went to work for the day.  Til supper time came around, 7 hrs later, it ended up being just the right consistency not overly runny!  
Click-da-pic to get the recipe for the BBQ Sauce! 
Care to share some of your favorite, quick meals?
4. Here Comes The Bride!  Reason to celebrate and dance!
I’m creating the flowers for dear Carla’s wedding!  Yes, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and a few table arrangements!  I’d love to show you some samples but you’ll have to wait to see!
I hope to remember the Lord of the Dance today as I spin, twirl and leap from here to there.  After all, in this quick-step season, he still is the ruler over all and the one who all this dancing if FOR.  In the business of all this life and all this dancing, I long to look back and say I found Christ as my strength; I depend on him each day and acknowledge my neediness.  
And, so, today, that is my longing.  To be a dependent dancer.

2 thoughts on “on da dance floor

  1. Love your thoughts. And I might want to borrow the dance manual when you’re done with it. I share a favorite (celtic) and I’ll add Il Divo to that. See you soon. Super happy that I get to be physically present for the quick-step November. 🙂


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